Clever ways to use under-stairs space

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Stairs seem pretty straight forward, don't they? You walk up them to get to the upper floors of your house and down them to return to the lower ones. But what if they have extra potential that you simply aren't tapping into?

Interior designers know just what a huge opportunity a blank stairwell is, so we're following their lead and taking inspiration from some incredible completed design projects.

Get ready to look at your stairs in a whole new way, as we show you what could lie beneath!

1. Install a Zen garden

The ideal way to not only add a visual impact to your stairs, but also disperse some calm throughout your home, an under stairs Zen garden is one of our top tips for making more of a functional architectural element in your home.

Don't forget to add lighting for evening impact!

2. Open up the side

Essentially just housing dead space, if you open up the side of a staircase you can have access to a whole lot more hallway storage.

Simple shelves that can house family belongings will never not be useful, so grab that opportunity!

3. Build specific bookshelves

How about creating a little private library under your stairs?

With bookshelves and a small sofa in place, your stairs will be everyone's favourite spot in the house. Not wasting these precious areas is key to the success of a family home!

4. Create an artistic display

If you're a collector of trinkets, keepsakes and art, you already know how quickly they can overrun your home.

Choosing to use the space under your stairs as a perfectly placed art display area is nothing short of genius as everyone will be able to admire your items, but not linger long enough to touch or break anything.

5. Open up a bar

We don't mean that literally, but under your stairs is a perfect location for a little home bar. It would be dead space otherwise and if you build yourself something custom, you know it will fit the recess perfectly. 

We know you're tempted, just to have somewhere to store all your glasses!

6. Fancy a secret home study?

We just know that a secret home study under the stairs will persuade even the surliest of teenagers to get on with their homework.

Add shelves for easy organisation and splash out on a really comfortable chair and you might find that everyone wants to be in here a lot!

7. Create a new closet

You can't have too much closet space so when it comes to doing something worthwhile with you under stairs space, you know it makes sense to have some shelves for shoes and foldable items, right? 

No more searching for everything by emptying drawers!

8. An extra loo

No family or couple's home would suffer by having an extra loo.

The fact is, a busy household can't always work around everyone's schedules and there are bound to be overlaps in need, but that won't matter if you build a charming little water closet under your stairs.

Paint it vividly just to shock people!

9. Hang some art

You can guarantee that anyone visiting your home will either see or use your stairs, so if you opt to use the space underneath them as an informal gallery area, you can show off your fabulous collection of art. 

It would be even better if you're an artist, talk about a ready made exhibition spot!

For even more stair inspiration, take a look at his Ideabook: Top 10—The UK's Most Beautiful Stairs.

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