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20 small gardens you can do in corner of your home

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Building a home garden has always been assumed as a tough task, but this is not always true. With the right inspiration and creativity, small gardens can easily be created in any space.

To help you inspire, we have compiled together 20 small gardens that you can create easily in a home corner.

1.Vertical Garden

For a little space, the vertical gardens are considered the best. To make a small yard lively, a flower bed like this would look truly beautiful. The designers of this small home have done it in a way to utilize the most of the tiny space.

​2.Wood Deck

Sometimes you don’t need to make a garden for bringing the greens in. Having a home makes all the difference and with just two-three vases and white stones, you can attain a garden charm. 

3.Green Wall

Different foliage was used on this green wall and it looks nothing less than a forest.  A few accessories will do the additional job for you.

4.Flowerbeds Plants

The construction of the plants simply depends on the species you want in your garden. As a simple example, it can be of the same shade so that there is no maintenance trouble.

5.Flowers on the wall and vessels

This is a mini vertical garden placed on the wall with a closed landscape of potted plants of various sizes.

6.​Garden with stones

The garden was given a fine charm with stone floor, deck wood, and small trees. The pleasant atmosphere is filled with a wooden bench and detailed tiles on the wall.

7.Enjoy the space under the stairs

The stone is a perfect choice for those who prefer a garden with a natural style. The wooden deck and stone bed are an amazing combination.

8.Different spices in pots

Not an actual garden, but this place is delicately built with herbs and plants in the balcony of an apartment.

9.Use a wooden deck

The wooden deck is used here to draw a path between the stones and the place occupies potted plants and flowers.

10.Colored walls and flowers in pot

There are just 4 small pots in the house, but it looks no less than a small green space enveloped by a colorful wall.

11.Vertical garden with fountains

The wooden vase here is decorated with nicely done stone and fountain. Nonetheless, a great setup for a small space.

12.Choose local plants

There are some coconut trees planted in pots and a few small stones making this place a perfect example of a small indoor garden.

13.​Use more wood

The whole focus of this garden is on the wooden structures and this adds a unique character to the environment.

14.Garden in the hallway

If you have a small corridor that is left unused, then this is a great idea to bring some outdoor flavors in.


An artwork just in the middle of the green place doesn’t just add an eccentric element to the place, but it also shows that creativity has no bounds.

16.Plants in the lobby

Introducing plants right outside the entrance means, every one that enters your home will be greeted by these blooming friends.

17.​Lighting in the garden

Place some creative lamps in the middle of the garden and make your garden look even more charming.

18.A desert garden

If its difficult for you to regularly water plants or pay attention to them, then different types of cacti with rocks scattered all around would be a great option for you.

19.Garden with stones and flowers

Insert small pots of flowers on the wall and complete the decoration with some relaxing furniture.

20. Do not forget to light

You can create a vertical garden with pots, wooden deck, and stone floors. The right lighting can make even the smallest space look bigger.

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Which one of these small gardens inspired you the most?

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