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10 ideas of Planters that will be Great in Small Yards

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Who doesn’t like living in a house full of greenery and blooming flowers? Though imagining a green home without a vast front yard is difficult, it’s not impossible.

To inspire you, we have compiled together 10 amazing ideas to add planters to small yards done by some equally talented designers.

1.Use long and narrow planters

Instead of big and wide planters, go for narrow planters along the hallways or other empty space. This way, you won’t just be saving up on space, but you will feel pretty damn good walking through the blooming plants.

2.Climbing the walls

Walls can be really good allies when installing planters in small spaces. You can use the vertical length of the wall to build the planters which can then accommodate many plants. Keep in mind that plants accumulate a good amount of moisture which can damage the walls, so you will require timely maintenance.

3.Forming patterns on the ground

It is quite risky to put the planters on the ground especially when the space is less and you know that the planters are only going to become a hindrance and subtract the space.

But it’s all about thinking cleverly. You can create a path which doesn’t get in between the passage and you can fully enjoy the plants as well, just like these planters.

4.Use corners

If the space you have is small, take advantage of the corners. Installing flower boxes in angular shapes instead of rectangles or squares, is a great way to save up space.

Mixing the planters and vases is also a great option when there’s not much space for the green in the flowerpots.

5.Introduce curves

Why keep working with corners when you can add more depth to your home space by introducing curves. Using curves takes the sharpness off the space and it also make it easier to add more plants. Not to mention, if you have small kids, the less corners, the less injuries.

6.Using the floor span

This is a very interesting way of introducing more greenery to a house. While most places divide spaces between planters and tiles, this one takes things to a whole new level by mixing up the space.

7.Play with different levels

If you have a lot of space, you can play with different floor levels by creating shelves to house a number of plants. Introducing different levels means more space, and that means you can add a several varieties of plants to your home.

8.Optical Illusion

Introducing bibs and planters on the side means taking out the space and making the room look smaller. But here is something you should know – by evenly taking out space from all the corners, the space won’t look small at all. In fact, it will make the garden space look bigger

9.Adding planters to just one side

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

A lot similar to the idea above, here planters are only introduced to one side of the space, and the other side is left open. The extra space can be used for seating or even a pool.

10.Go to the top

If you are really low on space, you can introduce bibs and planters on the top of the walls. This way, you won’t just get fresh air, you will also have a beautiful view every morning.

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