11 creative tips for storing clothes in small homes

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Clapham Common Flat YAM Studios Scandinavian style bedroom
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When you have a small home, it's hard to find enough space for everything, and of course certain items have to take priority space-wise, such as your bed or the sofa. So that leaves little space for storage for the rest of your things, especially your clothes. 

But luckily, there are always creative solutions that can help us in any home design predicament. So we've brought you a list of 11 of these creative tips to help you store clothes when a wardrobe isn't always an option. Check out these possibilities that best fit into your home and routine and get inspired to make a change for the better!

1. Get a multifunctional bunk bed

A great solution for first-time property owners or singles are bunk beds that offer multifunctional spaces for storage of clothes, books, and other bedroom items. In addition to the bunk beds, you can also invest in single bed with built-in drawers.

2. Take advantage of space

Take full advantage of all the space you have available. That means under the bed, too. If your bed is high off the ground like this, you can place large boxes and even compartments underneath to store your winter wear, or any other object you don't want just lying around. 

Beds that are lower to the ground can also house extra clothes. You might just have to put them in a bag instead of a box, or a thin and long bin on wheels that can slide in and out.

3. Rely on shelves

J Scandinavian style bedroom

When you simply don't have the floor space for a wardrobe, use your wall space instead. Stack your clothes neatly on shelves and you can find whatever garment you want quick and easily, and your room won't look cluttered.

Still tackling your clutter problem? No worries, there's an Ideabook for that!

4. Elongated racks

Prettypegs - Shoe your furniture! Prettypegs BedroomAccessories & decoration

Prettypegs—Shoe your furniture!


Elongated racks like these are perfect for hanging jackets, blazers, or anything you don't want wrinkled in a drawer. You can kitty-corner it or stretch it across the length of the room, like we see here. Just make sure you can get your head underneath.

5. Copy the Scandinavian style

Clapham Common Flat 2 YAM Studios Scandinavian style bedroom
YAM Studios

Clapham Common Flat 2

YAM Studios

The Scandinavian interior design scheme is well known for its simplicity, functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, and understated elegance. Copying this design in the home will give you unique solutions like this small clothing rack.

6. Use racks on the walls

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA Campbell Watson Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers
Campbell Watson

Novenove Walk In Wardrobe by LEMA

Campbell Watson

This is another great solution for hangers and shelves. Using racks on the walls around the room spreads out your wardrobe so that it's not all bunched in one corner and it leaves the room feeling more open. It's simple, creative, and economical—just ask any interior designer!

7. Use hooks

Hooks are so handy–you can place them on any wall surface you want and you have an immediate storage solution. Hang jewelry, gloves, scarves, jackets… you name it, it's all possible. You can even get a nifty  wall pouch and put even more items on the wall and out of the way.

Curious about wall pouches? You can check them out in this Ideabook and learn about some innovative bathroom storage solutions.

8. Take advantage of hidden spaces

Does your home have a staircase? Great! Use the space below it to create a new cabinet. You'll want to distribute shelves along the wall so that the space becomes a new place to store and organize your clothes!

9. Hooks in the ceiling

Had enough of wall storage solutions? How about ceiling, then? If your ceilings are low enough, use hooks directly on the ceiling to hang your clothes. If it's tall, however, fashion a hanger to it like the one we see here. 

10. Use empty spaces

Anyone who owns a small space should learn how to utilise every corner of it. There are sure to use all the empty spaces, like under the stairs, behind the door, the side of the bed. When combined, it's surely enough space to store your extra clothes.

11. DIY it

Do-It-Yourself solutions always offer convenience and economy in creative and easy to manage ways. Right here at homify, you can find great options for all kinds of different spaces to improve your home's design.

And speaking of DIY and storage solutions… you should check out this Ideabook for a list of things you should get rid of if you want to maintain an organised home.

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