7 tricks for affordable luxury decoration

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Who doesn’t want a luxurious home? However, often, a budget stands in the way of getting all the luxury elements that make up a perfectly rich and stylish home or even hiring a professional to help with the design. Which elements should you focus on and which ones should you postpone?

Don’t fret! We’ve put together 7 easy tricks that you can use to give your home a luxury look even on a small budget.

1.​An elegant chandelier

When you think about a luxury home, one element that always comes to mind is the elegant crystal chandeliers that hang down gracefully from the ceilings. While a small budget might not allow a crystal chandelier in every room, consider getting one at least for the living room. You can either splurge on an expensive antique look-alike or get a more modern glass chandelier that adds a stylish feature in your living room.

2.​Less is more

One of the tricks to making a room look sophisticated is to keep it spacious with sufficient passageway for walking through. Rearrange your furniture to keep at least a corner bare for adding an airy feel. Decorate with the minimum accessories and hide away clutter to avoid the room looking too cramped.

3.​Add warmth

While minimizing accessories is recommended, the same rule doesn’t apply to furnishings. Add rich upholstery or sofa covers that are warm, soft to touch and comfortable. Cover the bare floors with beautiful rugs.

4.Use wall art

Paintings and sculptures help to infuse colour into a room, taking it from plain to stunning. If possible, add at least one large painting that becomes the focal point of the room. Alternatively, a striking modern sculpture or art installation can present an interesting element that adds to the sophistication of the home.

5.​Freshen up with roses

While flowers can be used to brighten up any home, roses are just what you need for making a luxury statement in your home. Try to add different colours of roses in every room in your home. You can even match the colour with the theme of your room. Don’t forget to place a vase of roses in your bathroom too. Roses have a short shelf life, so take care to replace them often to keep your home looking and smelling fresh.

​6.Add height

High ceilings are another feature associated with luxury homes. If you are fortunate to have a room with a high ceiling, show it off by using floor-to-ceiling curtains that enhance the height of the room. Even if your ceiling is not more than a regular height, let the curtains drop down from the highest point to give the room a tall look.

7.Create romance in the bedroom

Four poster beds with soft velvet curtains are as common to luxury homes as they are to posh hotel rooms. You can try to recreate the look by adding a frame to your bed or even hang a curtain holder from the ceiling from where curtains drop down seductively over your bed to add a romantic ambiance to your bedroom.

It really is that easy! For some ideas on using luxury lighting in your home, see Luxury Lamps.

Which of these tricks are you going to copy? Share your unique tricks in the comments.

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