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18 Ultra-Modern Houses from India

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Interior Designers and the Architects create draw plans and concepts which are then brought to life by the General contractors. Furthermore, the landscape architects create the plans and designs for outdoor and then the building comes to existence. Usual structures and designs are passe and thus, people are nowadays planning something unique and modern to bring their home. 

In a country with a history and culture like India, it is delighting and interesting to see how the architects and designers try to bring these contexts to the modern efforts. Here is a list of some of the unique and modern Indian houses that are turning heads due to their shape, size and marvellous architecture. Don't forget to leave your feedback once you have gone through the list.

One Storey- Unique Design

Staying in a natural surrounding is the best thing you can do your health as well as home. You get a plenty of options to choose the desirable design. For example, the above-given architecture is a marvellous piece of design which stands on the pillars of simplicity, thoughtful architecture, and everything raw and natural. We loved how the slanting curved walls are creating an overall different look to the space. 

Magical Moment with the Villa

This design is for those who want to sustain on modernity and contemporary designing. A pool on the front, high rising walls with a dedicated space to the long and narrow garden, this house is just perfect on everything. Get your own pinch of nature within the premises. 

Wood and Walls

Multi-storey houses are not that easy to design as they tend to end up looking like a box. But having a professional consultation can help you rope in design and structure that is high on volume and low on budget. This house, with its walls, wood and glass give you an area for rooms, balconies, in-house porch, and yes, a beautiful facade to look at!

White House

White exteriors are always enticing and when they are paired along with beautiful and modern design ideas, they are sure to impress, like the above one. The combination of curved terrace, the pillars and a large entrance area makes this home look like a grand hotel entrance welcoming you, 

Villa of Dreams

Why stick to the ground when you can fly in the air? The house design shown above depicts a rise above the ground kind of structure of the home. The round cut garden and floor on the front with rectangular building structure go well with each other. 

Practically Adaptable and Modern

Mid-sized home decoration like this is not a far-fetched dream. The simplicity of the grandeur, the pool on the front and yes, those beautiful stairs to the entrance of the house are just so perfectly designed and placed within a single bounded area. This is a two storey building carved out of perfection. 

A house and a half!

Well, having a complete 2 storey house can be a great way to add space to your home and get a number of rooms built. But if you stick to the designs like above, you leave yourself a space to sit and relax under the stars and the winds. Whether you set up a porch, a canopy for party, a barbeque or leave it like that only, in all the cases, the benefit is all yours.

The open armed House

Having a house on the corner of the road or lane can gift you with a chance to get creative and add a new angle to your home. The square-shaped houses are a usual site to us and thus, make your entrance look open armed and ditch that boring and seen-so-many-times design. Learn something from this!

Line Works at its best

If you are bored and tired of the brick made exterior designs and despite desires, you cannot play much with the shape of your house then choose designs like this where you have a regular cutout design but material used that is sure to stand way ahead of ceramics, paints and bricks.

Musical Home

Another idea of house designing that depicts a like a Piano and the best part is that it can be built in a small area coverage. Ideal for those who love music and want a design that matches their tastes.

Small Rural Cottage

Another brilliant house from India where a small cottage like structure can be seen and looks like it has been taken right out of movies. No additional expenditure as you just to need to convert the flat terrace into conical ones.

Stone House

Historical buildings from India are made out of stone carvings where the outlooks very much similar to that of this house. Use pillars and poles with round gates to create a traditionally historical feel from outside. You can also use mesh and get them painted dark to create highlights. 

Wide Cottage Designs

Remember the times when we were taught to draw the huts in our drawing books. This is the right time to bring it out of the books and get it implemented at your current home design.

Stair Design for Home

This house design looks very much similar to stair designs, decrementing level by level. You can choose such design and architecture for your home and make your 2 or 3 storey house get a distinctive touch of modernity.

Wavy Design for Home

The simplest and craziest of all! Your regular house structured covered under wavy mesh of terrace supported by thin poles on the front. Who said your terrace needs to be simple and boring always.

Large entrance with a wide Home

Just another classy example of how modern a house can look, if you put in a little emphasis and plan the entrance like no one else. Start creating a porch-like entrance to your home right from the entry gate, through the park and till the entrance of the house is reached. To decorate the meshes, use plants and flowers and keep it clean and tidy.

Pencil Nib Design

If you prefer to be stylish and nothing like ordinary then show off your architect or home design planner this design and get it done. New shape, new structural design and yes, a very new concept for Indian home designs.

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Solar House

Making the best use of natural lights and surrounding, this house design shows you how to utilize the natural resources at its best if you have a front facing home like this. Eliminate the bills of electricity and use solar panels to make most out of it.

Another striking modern villa

This farmhouse is eye-catching thanks to its structure, which comprises simple geometric shapes set in an unusual arrangement. It mixes rustic and traditional styles effortlessly to cater to every requirement of a modern family. Its highlight is the view as it looks out to the forest surrounding the plot. Also, by using a considerable amount of wood in the exterior elevation, the professionals have ensured that the ultra modern house blends with the woods. The use of glass on the façade helps to reflect the greenery all around to create a soothing effect.

Luxury home design

Often, less is more for infusing a luxurious look to modern homes. Instead of the intricate carvings, arches and round pillars, the front elevation of a modern villa can appear almost simple. Still, its understated elegance hints at minimalism that you can expect from the interior design.

Get some ideas for simple yet luxurious kitchen design.

Aren't they gorgeous? What is your idea of perfect house, do let us know!

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