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Are You Making These Home Decor Mistakes?

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Most homeowners decorate their residences based on instinctive preferences for color and designs and pick up tips from friends and other resources that appeal to their taste. Some of us get carried away by latest trends in home décor like wall art, brass figures, decorative plants, latest electronics, carved furniture, picture frames and clutter the area. Not everyone can decorate like a professional interior decorator with perfectly balanced colors and designs that are both comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

A common mistake which people make during decorating a home is getting carried away by attractive furniture, furnishing patterns and other objects of home decor without understanding the importance of balance and proportion. Here are details of 7 common slip-ups that most homemakers make along with easy solutions to correct them that you can apply to have an aesthetically pleasing home.

1. Overwhelming furniture

Most families that have a busy social life tend to believe that investment in elaborate seating arrangements will help in hosting large groups of people but this arrangement can lead to chaos in the living room. Concentration of several pieces of furniture like heavy sofas, settes, showcase, coffee table and side tables along with heavy carpets and rugs can create a claustrophobic environment if there are no spaces between them. Bulky objects like heavy carved furniture should be upholstered with light furnishings or there should be lively colors around them to restrict from overwhelming other objects in the living room.

2. Lack of focal point

Residential interiors for Mr.Siraj at Chennai Offcentered Architects Minimalist bathroom
Offcentered Architects

Residential interiors for Mr.Siraj at Chennai

Offcentered Architects

These sensational metal tinted glass tiles have given a golden aura to this minimalist bathroom done up with plain sanitary-ware and stone tiles on the floor. This shows how a single pattern can create an interesting background that can give people something to talk about. Every room should have a focal point that automatically attracts attention as soon as people walk into the region which could either be a colorful background or an interesting piece of art. To attract viewers’ attention to the focal point try to create symmetry or focused lighting around the region.

3. Painting everything in single color palette

Tropical Night silk bed linen homify BedroomTextiles Silk Purple/Violet

Tropical Night silk bed linen


People often get carried away by trying to matching everything and then the room becomes overwhelmed by color instead of patterns, objects and designs. The ideal way to avoid this decoration error would be to put together a room like arranging an outfit by making a combination that blends together in an interesting manner.

4. Crowding everything in the living room

Every home décor gift that you receive at housewarming does not need to be decorated in the living room. Even if you love searching for bargains at garage sales, auctions and bazaars, try not to buy unnecessary pieces of furniture and art objects as your house could turn into a museum within a short period of time. Develop your personal sense of style by selecting fabrics and patterns that appear harmonious under given lighting arrangements and avoid common decoration errors.

5. Furniture pieces that do not sync

In a public region of the house like the living room, furniture should be in similar proportion to retain sync either in shape, color or size. Try to avoid making the mistake of keeping large heavy leather sofas with delicate love seat or antique rocking chair. Everyone likes to showcase their collection of antiques, glassware or artifacts from overseas but that does not mean that living room becomes a medley of classic and modern styles. 

6. Too many colors and patterns

In their excitement to make their home stylish and lavish people sometimes add their own combinations of colors and patterns to rooms that makes it difficult to distinguish if the error lies with the decorator or the house owner. This bedroom decorated Eternity Designers with neutral background of pink and grey follows a simplistic pattern that would be suited to a young child but heavy pictures on wall and deep chair look spaced out. A couple of family pictures of the child or children that use the room would have been more appropriate.

7. Trying to follow a pattern religiously

Living Room | Punggol Field Honeywerkz Minimalist living room

Living Room | Punggol Field


Whether you like Scandinavian or Eclectic decor style, you need not follow it to every little piece of furniture. Mixing styles by intermingling colors and patterns that blend seamlessly into the decor. In this family living room that predominantly follows Scandinavian color scheme of white, colorful cushions make a  lovely pattern against the plain sofa and breaking monotony.

Furnishing a home all on your own is not a tough feat and can easily be accomplished if you follow Tips to avoid when furnishing your home.

Which mistake do you think is the most common ? How do you feel it can be avoided or rectified?
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