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The doorbell chimes – they’re here! Your friends/colleagues/neighbour/in-laws have dropped by for a visit, and you frantically scan those interiors while on your way to the door to make sure everything is neat as a pin. 

How do you know those rooms are clean enough, tidy enough, and presentable enough for your guests? More importantly, how do you judge that your layout and choice of furniture placements are practical enough to ensure easy living for you and your household? 

How about these ten tips right here?

1. A neat entrance hall

Guests walking into a messy entrance hall will definitely not be impressed, and will not have very high standards for the rest of your house. It won’t be very comfortable for you, either. 

Thus, pick up those toys and please get those shoes and dog leads into a hallway storage cupboard somewhere where they won’t be an eyesore or tripping hazard. 

homify hint: Hang a few wall hooks for items such as coats and scarves, while a simple credenza with drawers is ideal for smaller elements like car keys, unopened mail, etc.

2. No sign of clutter

Whether it’s the hallway or the living room, clutter is most unwelcome in any house. So make sure to break down that mess into closets, cupboards, and other clever inventions that can hide away your hoarding habit (if you have one).

This little stack of suitcases above make for a unique little décor piece while also offering some storage opportunities – clever, don’t you think?

3. A neat home office

If you happen to have a study at home, those files, books, stationery items, and other elements need to look neat. 

Yes, we know the home office tends to look quite messy, but that can severely limit your productivity, plus send a bad message to guests dropping by.

4. Ample storage spaces

Don’t forget that your guests are human too, meaning they are also prone to cluttered and untidy areas in their own homes. That is why they are sure to check out what your weapons against messiness are. 

Well, show them something worthwhile – like a stunning bookcase packed (but not cluttered) with a multitude of reading materials, keepsakes, and interesting little accessories that are neat and clean.

5. Adequate floating shelves

Floating shelves are perfect, as they help out with storage while also displaying some keepsakes you want to show off. 

Ensure yours are properly mounted, clean, and don’t contain too many pieces.

6. Well-lit spots

Lighting is important everywhere in the house, especially the working zones, like the study or kitchen. Thus, ensure your work areas show off proper lighting fixtures, telling your guests (and yourself) that you are serious about your responsibilities, whether that includes doing your taxes or baking cookies. 

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7. Storage boxes

Not necessarily a must have to show to your guests, but still something that helps out with storage should you need it: storage boxes.

These are perfect for grouping together (and keeping out of sight) things such as photos, your child’s school reports, magazines, etc. 

Keep them neatly underneath your desk, or store them safely in a cupboard.

8. An immaculate closet

Okay, so hopefully your guests won’t be going through your wardrobe, but you never know when you’ll want to show off that new jacket, or have a friend spill something and ask to borrow a clean shirt, for example.

For instances like these, your closet needs to present perfection, with clothing neatly folded, shoes properly displayed, and not a sign of a dust ball anywhere.

9. Storage space for accessories

In continuing with keeping that closet looking perfect, you will want to include some boxes or niches for storing smaller accessories, such as jewellery, socks, and other elements. 

The last thing you want is pull open a drawer to show your visitor your new watch, just to have them gaping in horror at the jumbled mess of your jewellery drawer.

10. A cleverly organised closet

This one will look nice to your guests, but will definitely benefit you on those mornings when you’re running late – a closet that is organised to perfection.

You don’t need to colour code those clothes, but at least ensure that your work attire aren’t mixed up with your beach clothes, for example. And that your winter jackets have their own little spot, far away from your summer fashions. 

Keep the accessories (handbags, earrings, bracelets, etc.) in their own little corner, and make sure you can find what you need quickly and easily. 

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