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14 Amazing Home Theaters that You Want to Have in Your Place

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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A unique movie experience at home is something that everyone wishes to have. But, it’s not as easy as it appears to be. Lighting, seating, as well as a video display, all of it needs to be just perfect when it comes to home theatres.

Today, we are going to show you all the possible ways you can replicate the movie experience at home with these amazing home theatres.

1.Comic Lover Spot

Right from the Spider Man poster on the wall, to the cinema hall like screen and push back armchairs, this is the perfect home theater room for a movie lover. Not to mention, you would never want to go to an actual movie theater after getting a room like this in your house.

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2.​Start the Show

Now this is an extremely inviting media room. The purple couch in the room is designed for people who like it chic and comfortable. Even the lights are perfectly done to let you enjoy the movie to the fullest.

3.Get Together

This home theater provides ample space for the entire family in one go and the area around it is highlighted with wooden textures. The entire space is filled with the warmth of bright cushions on the couch.

​4.Contemporary Setup

This home theatre is setup with light hues. Complementing the bright setup lies the dark gray couch that in front of the home theater. The furred carpet on the floor is giving a classic touch to the entire room, making it chic and contemporary.

5.Do not Disturb

And here is a space where no one is going to trouble you while you enjoy your favourite movie. The wooden space holds the home cinema in a classy manner. The whole decor here is filled with the serenity of white. In the end, you can’t stop appreciating the huge white light hanging to the ceiling.

​6.Find a Spot

Home Theater malvigajjar Modern media room

Home Theater


This room is a clear invitation for people who want to enjoy the movie in opulence. The couch here is lined with multicolored pillows that you can snuggle when the movie gets scary. It’s a bright home with several images of Bollywood actors on the wall. Overall, a well-arranged setup for a home theater.

7.Done in Dark

home cinema Crestron Modern media room

home cinema


The whole space here is filled with dark lights. To contrast it lies the white cushion and sofas with white lights. The candles decorated below the home theater are giving a classic ambiance to the entire place. Grab your space and lie down in comfort to catch your favorite show.

8.​Just for You

The designer has given a new life to this whole space with the shades of aqua blue. Modern lights hang up to the wall, giving a chic appearance the room. The relaxing chair lies directly in front of the home theater.

​9.Magnificent Lighting

Incredible Loft Cinema Conversion New Wave AV Modern media room
New Wave AV

Incredible Loft Cinema Conversion

New Wave AV

Effective lightings are what makes this room so stunning. Designers of the room have put their entire focus on the lighting resolution and watching power. The ceiling lights remind us of stars in the sky and it adds the true drama for any home theater.

10.Sassy Setup

On the white front wall stands the device with two red chairs in front. Behind it is a sofa that has ample of space and it even gives the perfect contrast to the white palette of the room. A lovely creation done in the most elegant way possible.

​11.Luxurious Setup

Residence Interior Design 4D Space Designers Modern houses
4D Space Designers

Residence Interior Design

4D Space Designers

The 12-seater sofa covers the entire living space and in contrast to it lies the yellow and red cushions. On the white marble there is a brown coffee table that gives the spark of simplicity and elegance.

12.Plentiful Space

There is enough space for many to relax and watch a movie in this gray room. The twinkling lights on the ceiling are just the perfect thing you can have in this space.

13.Bring back the 80's

white home theater V I N A I S M Rooms

white home theater


The red velvet seating and tufted and cushioned walls will transport you to the 80's which were all about luxury and glamour. If you are an old movie lover, this would be a perfect home theater room for you.


While in the other home theater rooms, the TV was the focal point of it all, this room is more of a living space equipped with all the necessary home theater necessities.

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Which one of these home theaters inspired you the most?
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