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In today’s technologically knowledgeable and environmentally aware world, many people have electronic reading devices. These are a practical and convenient way of reading. Just pop one in your bag, and a library of books are at your fingertips. Although there are some times when the smell and touch of a real book is what is desired.  Over the course of our lives we will undoubtedly acquire a collection of much loved books. The titles that touched an emotion or inspired a life change. We want to see these books, like a work of art on the wall. The challenge is to find a bookcase to house these books that will fit into the the space and style of our home.

Here are 10 examples of contemporary and traditional bookcases ideas. There are bookcases for the avid book collector, the minimalist or the children.  There is bound to be a bookcase for all of the much loved books and novels that suits every situation. 

Bookcases as art

This bookcase will make quite an impression in any house. It’s size would require a large room. But if you have a room big enough this bookcase it is ideal. It’s irregular shelves and stark white colour make it the focus of the room. Don’t restrict this bookshelf to only books, these shelves are very versatile and can be used for photographs, artwork, ornaments or a simple vase of flowers. Be brave and creative with this bookcase, it is asking to be stretched to it's creative boundaries.

This bookcase is made in Germany by d2wstudio. Have a look at their website for more fantastic bookcase ideas.

​Modern minimalist

This modern minimalist bookcase is the perfect choice for those with just a few favourite books. With this design, the books and the bookcase combine to create a piece of art themselves.  Choose books according to size to create a curvaceous bookcase. Combine contrasting or complementary colours to suit your interior design. Match a selection of blue books in a room with a blue rug and complementary painting. These books can be changed as frequently as your mood. This bookcase can be the focus of any modern minimalist design. It will also feel quite at home in the corner of a country cottage. It is made by Sedie Design in Italy.

Practical Bookcase

Modern homes seem to be getting smaller. At the same time, our contemporary lifestyles seems to require us to have more possessions. As a result we need to utilise every space in our homes, even the very small and seemingly useless spaces. This bookshelf, constructed under the stairs, demonstrates exactly how a small space can be used to create a functional area. This bookcase can store many books. It can also be used to store and display art works and photographs. In this photograph, it is being used for a variety of artworks, lights and books. Its modern design makes it’s uses very flexible.

​Unique Book Storage Solutions

There are many design professionals that specialise in creating new and original designs. One such design studio is Agustav, located in Reykjavik, Iceland. This book rack is one of their designs. The books in this rack hang individually from a wall mounted shelf. Placed on a plain white wall, it creates an artwork on it’s own. Hang a book on its side, displaying it’s cover to create a focus for the book rack. Choose books of contrasting or complimentary colours to really make this bookcase stand out. This design would be well suited to a modern or eclectic home. It’s unusual design would create a talking point in any house.


The Modern Book Collector

This bookcase is large enough to suit any obsessed book collector. It can not only house an enormous number of books but can be used to display art works and even house your electronic entertainment equipment, such as the television and the stereo. This bookcase is made by Lamco Designs of the United Kingdom. Lamco Designs can make these bookcases specific to your requirements. Options can include a backboard to hide electronic cords and wiring and doors to disguise large television screens.  For more bookcase designs by Lamco, see their website.

Fun Bookcases for Children

It is inevitable that children will have books. Whether they are gifts from family and friends, or school books. A bookcase is essential to keep books off the ground and  to keep bedrooms clean and tidy. What better way to encourage children to keep their bedrooms tidy than to encorporate creative colourful furniture into their rooms. These strap bookcases made by TwoSix are functional as well as fun. Design your own colour combinations with the individual modules and colourful straps. They are a great way to involve children in the design process.

Bespoke bookcases for every space

In some modern house designs the open spaces and streamlined surfaces do not leave corners or spaces for bookcases. This is a creative solution for this challenge. This bookcase, created by On & On in the United Kingdom, is made to measure, to suit the smallest of spaces. As these are custom made for any space, this versatile bookshelf can be used in large rooms, small room and even tight spaces in apartments. The simple lines and stark white colour is ideal for the modern styled room.  The warm white light built into the underside of the shelves creates a cosiness to the space. For more ideas with shelving look at the Bauhaus inspired shelving systems



Genius Recycled Bookcase

If original, one off designs are what you are looking for, you have found it here with this bookcase. This unique design uses the frame of a recycled door together with individual boxes to create a completely original bookcase design. This design is not only original, but functional, as it maximises the storage space, utilising the front and side of the bookcase with boxes of different sizes. It is made by Macrit-Materie Creative Italiane in Italy. They aim to recycle items and to add value to these as an exclusive product.

​French Provincial Bookcase

This stunning bookcase would be an imposing figure in any house. In the French Provincial style, it has shelves of different sizes for different sizes and styles of books. Try also using these shelves for favourite objects, art pieces or vases, such as in this photo. Place colourful articles on the shelves to bring an extra element of interest. This bookcase also has the benefit of drawers and additional cupboards to keep valuable books and smaller items safe.

Unique Bookcase Design

Of all the bookcases in this series, it is this one that makes the biggest statement. The basic A-frame bookcase has a series of shelves coming off the main body. The odd shape will really bring an added dimension to any room you place it in. Books can be placed on any of the many shelves. Think outside the circle and place books both horizontally and vertically. Don’t restrict yourself to just books and art pieces with this bookcase, you can use it for any items you can think of. In this picture they have chosen bottles of wine and cd’s.

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