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A Refreshing Beach House in Goa

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Aqua House Minimalist houses by GDKdesigns Minimalist
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Anjuna Beach in Goa is famous for its trance parties and weekly flea market, and draws countless Indian and foreign tourists every year. The picturesque views of the Arabian Sea throughout the day and the quaint village culture that you get to experience at Anjuna are added advantages of course. But for us, coming across the Aqua House rendered by the architects from GDK Designs in Mangalore, was the best treat of all. The simple but charming home lies nestled amidst swaying coconut trees and lush vegetation, and offers a stunning view of the beach. It is also inspiring how different elements like wood, glass, pebbles and concrete have joined hands to concoct a beautiful, modern structure which is perfect for spending a rejuvenating vacation. Read on to know more about this delightful seaside retreat.

The first look

View from beach Minimalist houses by GDKdesigns Minimalist

View from beach


Here’s how the house appears from the beach, resplendent with its lively green walls and pretty red roofs. Towering coconut trees and abundant greenery make for a picturesque surrounding for the property.

Sleek eastern facade

Eastern facade Minimalist houses by GDKdesigns Minimalist

Eastern facade


When viewed from this side, the sleek boundary wall and the tall tower add a whole new dimension to the abode. The tower houses the air-conditioning compressors, water tank and other utility features in an aesthetic manner.

Sea view

View of western side looking towards beach Minimalist houses by GDKdesigns Minimalist

View of western side looking towards beach


The western side of the house comes with an expansive terrace lined with pretty white pebbles for an organic and nature-friendly touch. It comes with cushioned seats arranged along its step-like boundary, which let you laze around comfortably while you soak in the stunning view of the blue sea. The coconut trees liven up the view and their leaves rustle melodiously even when there is a gentle breeze blowing.

The terrace at night

Western Facade Minimalist houses by GDKdesigns Minimalist

Western Facade


The sunny terrace you just saw becomes a magically illuminated relaxation zone in the evening. The pebbles glow soothingly along with the stepping tiles, thanks to the beautiful ground lights. A cluster of pristine white vases makes for a pretty corner, while the “jali” work of the unique wall panels offer a charming play of light and shadow.  From this vantage point, you can also see how the roof “floats” over the main structure with the help of glass sheets framed by sturdy wooden frames.

Living with a view

Sea view through living room Minimalist living room by GDKdesigns Minimalist

Sea view through living room


The main hall of the house enjoys an open plan layout, where the living and dining areas have been integrated in a classy manner. The living space comes with sleek wooden sofas with plush seats and a TV which fits nicely into a customised wall niche. But what steals the show is the view of the beach from here. It soothes the senses while the cream and wooden interiors offer cosy respite from the crowd of tourists exploring Anjuna.  The trendy pendant light look glamorous too.

Smart details

Living - dining Minimalist dining room by GDKdesigns Minimalist



The dining space has been decked to reflect the style of the living area, which is evident from the sleek seats and the elegant dining table. Beyond it, a chic staircase leads to the loft, and its sleek glass balustrade with wooden border has impressed us naturally. The roof flaunts a pure wooden framework for robust stability, which is an architectural marvel in itself. But we also love how this framework lends exclusive pizzazz to the residence. To the left of the living and dining lies the kitchen which is partially partitioned by a freestanding wall with utilitarian niches.

Cosy kitchen

Kitchen looking towards guest bathroom Minimalist kitchen by GDKdesigns Minimalist

Kitchen looking towards guest bathroom


The kitchen is a longish space with bright but cosy lights on the ceiling, which contribute to the warm and earthy ambiance. The space is fitted with plenty of niches for easy organisation, and the counter is a rich wooden affair with stylish drawers. The appliances and fittings are trendy and minimalistic, and they make things easy for the chef. Don’t miss the strip of glass panels which runs along the length of the kitchen above the counter. It lets you admire nature and brings sunlight in during the day.

Lofty bedroom

This loft bedroom is a serene and extremely cosy space to retire after a busy day of swimming, sunbathing and partying. The plush bed and soft cushions contrast the rich wooden floor nicely, while the wooden framework of the ceiling offers a dash of style to the space. The glass panels to the left of the bed act as windows and let you enjoy the green view outside, while you laze around with a book on the bed.

This beach house is like a natural oasis where life takes a refreshing break from the humdrum monotony of urban living. Take another tour for more ideas - A Breathtaking Bungalow in Hyderabad.

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