A Mexican Beauty

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Mexican architectural firm Grupo Volta raises the bar considerably with their aesthetically pleasing creation in the heart of Villantigua in San Luis Potosi. Their clients? A married couple. The reason for their creation? A dwelling which will please the clients and add comfort (and luxury) to their lifestyle now that their children have left the nest.  

Just one requirement from the couple: the house must have adequate spacing to enjoy their new surroundings in privacy. Grupo Volta searched for inspiration, the design muses delivered, and this was the result: a Y-shaped wonder not worthy of the simple word “house”.

On the right-side: the living room, dining room, kitchen and service area. On the left: the master bedroom and guest bedroom. And at the base of the Y we find the foyer and family room.

A mix and match of magnificence

A delightful combination of ‘modern’, ‘urban’ and ‘tranquillity’ greets you on the outside, along with an appealing curved wall of dark stone, neatly framing the entrance area. Some trees and small patches of lawn manage to break through the granite and stone, adding some softness and reminding us that even though we are fortunate to witness this concrete creation with its greys, slated car-park roof and chiselled features, we are still looking at somebody’s home. Adding a modern metal frame, with two pairs of inclined columns, adds a dynamic expression to the exterior. If this is what the outside looks like, what wonders are waiting behind that front door?


It’s yin and yang the second you walk inside, with the clean and crisp white walls and ceiling delightfully contrasting against the gray and black colour scheme. Contrast seems to be the running theme here, as it is reflected in the gigantic artwork as well. Clean pale floor tiles beckon you deeper inside, teasing you with a hint of warm and inviting wooden floors in the hallway up ahead, or up the dark stone staircase, leading to the other rooms nestled further inside this wonder.

Family fun

And where did following the staircase lead us? To ultra luxury, with this fabulously modern game- and family room. The red pool table gleams devilishly in the centre of its pale surroundings, while the futuristic-looking ceiling lights watch over any family fun that is bound to be had here. And what can be seen up ahead? The edge of a double-height glass window, daring you to explore more of this wonderful new world.

Fancy a game of pool? In this room? Don’t mind if I do!

Living the dream

The double-height glass window seen from the game room turns out to be the living room, located in the right wing of the house. Red hot splashes of colour immediately jump out amongst the pale furniture and walls, and connect wonderfully with the warm wooden flooring. Fascinating artwork adorn the walls, yet it’s the outside terrace, seen through that fantastic plate of double-storey glass, that holds your attention.

A view of the garden

Less is more, they say – and it proves to be true here, with minimum decor and clear space making way for the double-height window, through which the garden beckons you outside. No curtains allow for natural lighting to accompany you here all day, while promising an enchanting evening of stargazing. 

Perfect for dozing

Now in the other wing of the house, the master bedroom greets us. Leaving the dark concrete and decor elements behind and opting for a lighter colour scheme, we are treated to the tenderness of warm stone and wood. As if that shouldn’t be enough to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, a glorious view of the garden at day (and of the moon and stars at night) promises an aesthetically pleasing vision all day, every day. 

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A spot for swimming

And, of course, a spot to cool off in should be expected! The end of the left wing presents us with the splash pool – small and cozy, perfect for a quick dip. Located perfectly between the two worlds (a few feet away from the interior concrete structure, and a hop away from feeling cool, soft grass under your feet), this inviting splash spot lies in wait—and a modern metal structure, complete with geometric shapes, guards loyally over its swimmers.

The centre of greatness

We are in the garden now, the centre of this modern Y-shaped beauty. Behind us, the splash pool. To our side, green and soft foliage backed by a warm brick wall. In front of us, the view of the living room, presented with a unique mix of concrete, clear glass, clean white walls, and spots of hot-red decor seen from inside. How modern can a house go while still retaining a “homey” and “inviting” feeling? Here we find the perfect living space, that rare and unique dwelling between comfort and construction. 

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