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Unique ideas to decorate your home with planters

Residence M-35 ArchiDes Modern garden
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Planters have proven their importance time and again. They are an easy way to bring nature indoors. The role of a planter does not end at the mere support of a healthy plant, but it gives you a good option to personalize the indoors or the patio of your residence. The bright and colorful flowers spread their warmth inside the house exuding immense cheer and positivity. For this reason, Homify brings you some unique ideas that inspire you to use planters in many different ways.

Vivid veranda

A beautiful array of planters is established in the garden area adjoining the veranda. The planters come with additional brightness and vividness that make this place all the more relaxing. Together with the brown pillars and serene surroundings, this place looks nothing less than an absolute nature’s heaven. The big bunch of hanging planter baskets does not limit nature only till the ground, but takes it a notch higher. Literally!

Green walking area

Residence M-35 ArchiDes Modern garden

Residence M-35


This array of planters lights up the entrance of your house. Symmetrically placed on both sides, these planters utilize the leftover space and make a beautiful garden in a small space. Don’t worry if you do not have space for a wide spread garden. By adding platforms and shelves, you can enjoy an even wider view. You might as well go a step further and try giving symmetrical layouts and arrangements using similarly designed planters and with similar plants but different plan heights. Also, you can choose different shapes, sizes and color of the planters according to your taste and budget.

Patio planters

These planters provide a very earthy and organic feel to the beautifully build patio.  The unique combination of green planters with dark brown interiors seems like a match made in heaven. Also, here you can witness vertical sea blue planter stands that are in beautiful coordination with the lined cushions and sofa seats. The exotic design of the planters converts this room into a peaceful room that lets the beautiful chain of thoughts engulf you into a different world.

On the terrace!

These planters are provided on the top of the terrace to make a perfect seating area engulfed in nature while ensuring minimal space usage. A perfect harmony is construed using pink cushions, marble seating area and green planters. Imagine a cozy evening with family, snacks and drinks amidst these beautiful surroundings. The large tall planters provide a breath of fresh air and make this place nothing less than a spa, but it doesn’t just end at this. The layout of this terrace would inspire you to have more and more of those sit out sessions and enjoy those amazing late evening moments.

Wall hanging

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This is another unique way of using planters. This innovative style of using planters is all about ditching the traditional way of placing them on the ground, and instead using designer wall shelves to place these compact and exquisite pieces. You can select the shelf according to your choice of size and color. This is a unique way of making planters an integral part of your house. By this way you can stay close to nature, even in your living room or bedroom.

Paint it pink

This is a beautiful use of planters that not only makes the interiors, beautiful but also the exteriors. You can line up different sizes of planters in your desired design or pattern. Pair the planters with matching or contrasting furniture to lighten up the entire place. You could also create a colored theme using the planters with single color tone, but different color shades and at the same time using flowering plants like bougainvilleas etc.

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Concealed in a coffee table

The concealed way of planting the green shrubs under the table will immediately bring ingenuity and positivity in the area. Placing a ground planter in the living area has always been in fashion, but planting it in such a unique way will surely make this place fresher and agile. You could have the customized planter made to fit and suit your coffee table while making sure that proper design of the planter allows for the growth of a healthy shrub.


The sleek and stylish chairs, weather sofa with the granite base, and the shallow lighting creates a truly romantic ambience for you to relax with no track of time. This layout could not work without the clever placement and sensible selection of the planters and the plants to be placed. Designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, architects in Mexico, it is truly a picture-perfect design. Planters can add life and positivity to your dull interiors. Try to include some ideas from above to make your home a brighter place.

Really fond of plants? Which idea did appeal the most to you? Let us know in the comments below.
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