Dress Your House in White Furniture

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When refurbishing or getting a house build we make sure of to use the best from the colour palette. However, ever wondered how much brightness a little touch of white would add to your dream house? Well, it’s time you do. Scroll down for some of the best ideas on incorporating furniture in white for your house.

Classy Kitchen

Nothing is classic and appetizing like a complete white kitchen. Right from white walls to cabinets and lamps, this kitchen is a definite reminder that it doesn't take a lot to nail white decor.

For more tips and suggestions on exploring white in furniture for your house you can check out the ideabook here.

​New Chest of Drawers

If you are sceptical about using white in furniture then check this amazing cabinet. You can start with a chest of drawers, irrespective of their size, get them painted in white and place them preferably amidst a dark colour.

This is because the dark colour will give depth to the white furniture along with adding the perfect contrast to the room. To complete the look you can simply decorate the chest of drawers with a bonsai and some small photo frames.

​Dining Table

It is not every day that you come across a white dining table, but when you do, you sure give a second look. White undoubtedly comes with extra care and responsibility and when speaking of dining table one has to be extremely careful.

However, a white dining table will certainly make a statement like no other.

​Sofa Chair

Thinking of investing in a recliner for your bedroom? Consider a white sofa chair instead.

A white sofa chair like this will serve as the cherry on the cake and will complete your bedroom with just the perfect look. Imagine yourself relaxing on this chair with a classic read in your hands. These professional tips are sure to fill your house with plethora of surprising elements.

Kids room and Study

Speaking about a study or the kids’ bedroom, consider a piece or two of furniture in white to give the room the perfect look. Visualize a table top and chair in white or that small bookshelf to add a pinch of contrast to the existing colours. If white is in picture then you can easily play with other colours as all of them will complement the former.

The elegant living room

If you love white walls but want a different style in your living room furniture rather than the usual, then go for white furniture throughout the room.

You can balance the white out by spraying colours through cushion covers, décor items, legs of the centre table, and/or a flower vase in the corner.

With the elegance of white and the play of colours through décor, this will be the most treasured corner in your house.

​White open kitchen

If your house has an open kitchen, then instead of going for white kitchen cabinets try using this colour elsewhere like the rug on the floor or walls with just a dab of colours on the chairs and stools around.

​Purity in pooja room

Pooja room is the most auspicious part of our houses and what can be more positive than white to dress it up with. You may get the pooja room designed and built in white marble with the idols working impeccably to add colour and positivity.

​A touch of white

Instead of going for an all-white drawing room, consider adding white to the room in small parts. For instance, apart from white walls and floor you may go for white curtains, a shelf in white in the TV/showpiece cabinet, or a white floor to ceiling grilled window.

For more tips and suggestions on exploring white in furniture for your house you can check out the ideabook here.

Which one of these was your favourite white furniture?

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