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7 Stunning Pooja Room Decorations

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Pooja rooms are one of the most auspicious corners in our house, and we take every effort needed to keep the space divine, clean and dust free.

While keeping the pooja space clean is important, so is decorating the space in the right way. With so many options these days, decorating isn’t rocket science.

To help you transform your pooja room, we have picked out some of the most magnificent pooja room decorations from talented designers.

Wooden carvings

This temple has a wooden ceiling on top and the carvings on the ceiling are inspired from Tanjore temples. The dark wood tone provides the perfect contrast to the yellow walls and floor of the room. Not to mention, the Balaji painting in the middle is the reason Tanjore-inspired carvings were added to the room.

Start by picking out paintings and sculptures for your pooja room and then pick out matching wooden carvings.

Temple Bells

Why should traditional temple bells only be in temples? Bring the authenticity to your home’s pooja room by introducing temple-like bells.

You don’t have to go all out and bring in proper bells that ring, instead go for more aesthetic and decorative ones made out of clay, which will be affordable and charming at the same time. You can either go for two bells on each side, or one in the middle. But try to keep the design simple and minimal.

​Long diyas

The entrance wall!!! Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

The entrance wall!!!

Hasta architects

Again a staple for temples, and most people don’t like to bring long diyas into their own pooja rooms because of the grandeur they bring with them.

Well, if you add grand decorations to your living room, then why not to your pooja room? A set of two metal diyas would be just perfect for your house. Plus with Diwali on the way, you can put them to use during your annual Diwali pooja.

​Traditional painting

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals SHEEVIA INTERIOR CONCEPTS ArtworkPictures & paintings

Precious Tanjore paintings and Kerala murals


No pooja room is complete without stunning god paintings, and this Radha Krishna painting seems just apt for the purpose.

Of course, you don’t just have to Radha Krishna painting, you can explore more options, and may be put a number of paintings to increase the aesthetics of the pooja room. Design your own gallery wall by introducing one big painting in the middle and then several smaller ones around it.

Traditional Rug

A rug is a much needed addition to every pooja room, after all, we all sit there to meditate and do our daily pooja. But why adjust with any ordinary rug when you are putting so much efforts into the rest of the room?

Feel the vibe of your room and pick out a suitable traditional rug for accordingly. Size of the rug should majorly depend on your pooja room’s size.


Jharokhas provide the prefect traditional and fun touch to pooja rooms. Not to mention, they provide a great way to partition spaces without building up walls.

If you have small space for pooja room, then introduce jharokhas to divide space which will not only make the space look bigger, but also more airy.

​Auspicious orange lighting

Lighting pays an important role when it comes to making your pooja room more serene. After all, we cannot imagine worshipping peacefully in a room full of disco lights.

Pick out dim and serene orange or yellow lighting to make the space feel more divine. To add to the whole vibe, you can also add similar coloured curtains and rugs to the space.

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