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8 different bedroom concepts for Indian homes

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Bedrooms are primarily for relaxing, but while showing off your home, you want your most private space to look as spectacular as the main areas, so that it leaves a memorable impression on visitors. While using a feature wall, art or even coordinated bed sets is an easy D-I-Y option that helps to paint a beautiful picture, it doesn’t quite reach the next level in terms of stand-out design.

Working with an interior professional can transform the available space in your bedroom, creating a stunning modern room that is the talk of the town. Professional design helps to look beyond the existing floor and wall space to use colour, lighting and depth to create an unforgettable image for the viewer.

We’ve picked 8 bedroom concepts to give you a few ideas for remodelling your bedroom.

​Depth and reflection

Another challenge in designing a small bedroom is to make it look sophisticated without seeming cramped by too many accessories. In this bedroom, the use of a dark wall panel behind the bed and extending on the ceiling over it creates the illusion of depth, which is enhanced by the floor-to-ceiling mirrored panels on the sides, which reflect the room and add to the sense of space.

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​Borders and frames

In a bedroom with a gorgeous view, the use of floor-to-ceiling windows beautifully frames the outdoor landscape to make it the focal point of the room. The rest of the room too has borders and frames that carry through the concept through a floral printed wall panel for the headboard and the same pattern being replicated on the wardrobe doors.

​Ceiling divider

The design concept in this bedroom uses textured and framed wall panelling as the headboard for the bed. In addition, it uses ceiling panelling in the same print over the seating area in the bedroom to create a visual separator between the bed and the chairs.

​Melange of textures

While the cream and brown colour scheme of this bedroom is quite common to modern Indian homes, it’s the use of a mix of different textures in its design that makes it stand out. A quilted wall panel acts as the headboard of the bed, while a crisscross panel above it as well as a diagonal striped panel on the side adds uniqueness.

​Monochromatic prints

The white and black contrast in this bedroom design is not unusual in minimalist homes, but it’s the subtle grey print on the wall paper, which is carried through to the bed linen too, that elevates the sophistication in this monochromatic bedroom.

​Striking contrast

Instead of just one bright feature wall, this bedroom concept uses alternating panels of shocking pink and white to make a bold statement that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Matching accents in the form of alternating pink and white chairs add to the effect.

​Lovely lights

While some home owners prefer to use dark tones in the bedroom to accentuate the feel of night and contribute to a better environment for sleeping, it can make a room look too dark during the day. The use of subtle lighting accents such as the display spotlights on the shelves, recessed lighting on a ceiling corner as well as spotlighting on the floral wall panel above the bed add lovely touches of brightness.

​Hints of luxury

Creating a luxury theme in a small space could backfire if larger-than-life furniture or accessories are used. Instead, this design concept cleverly introduces hints of luxury through the rich printed fabric panelling on the walls, an elegant curved headboard for the bed as well as a floor standing mirror with an exquisitely carved silver frame.

Which of these design concepts would you pick for your bedroom? Respond in the comments.
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