Easy Tips to Keep your House Dust Free

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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No matter how clean your home is, if there is a passage for dust, the house is likely to be in a mess. If you stay in an area where dust is quite common, be careful from the time of construction.

Especially when in India, the landscape does come with the dusty outdoors that will somehow make a way to your living area. Small tweaks from the time of construction and designing to the daily maintenance of the house can save a lot of trouble.

​Seal it down

Check this living space and you will find an abundance of light and aesthetic of outdoors without a single sign of dust.  All the walls are sealed with glass doors in a magnificent way.

With a brick style wall, there comes the glass coverings. The crux here is – you have to get your home constructed in a way that there is no chance for dust to invade the luxury of your home. It need not be a dark doom as  the architects can suggest you the right way to shield your home from dusts.

​Mat it Down

Even if the house is sealed to the best, your shoes can be a carrier of dust in your home. Doormats are the quickest pick at such time. Add some contemporary style door mats on the front doors of the house.

You won’t have to compromise on the theme of the house as your designer can suggest some awesome picks at the time of home designing. The one in this house is an example of sheer sophistication and luxury.

Improve your Pet Care

Table room four seats dishes dog Mac+Wood Modern dining room

Table room four seats dishes dog


No doubt, pets are the most adorable companion one can have, but unfortunately, they can even be the source of dirt in your room.

Your furry friend brings with him dead skin cells as well as dead hairs. Take them for the grooming sessions in a timely manner to ensure they are at their best health. This is a great way to maintain the cleanliness of the house and to some extent, even the pets will feel good.

​Keep the windows closed

Contemporary Kitchen with Thermabronze Windows Architectural Bronze Ltd Windows & doors Windows Metal Black
Architectural Bronze Ltd

Contemporary Kitchen with Thermabronze Windows

Architectural Bronze Ltd

Keeping the windows open all the time may sound good as you expect some fresh air in, but with the air comes the pollen grains, airborne pollutants, and mold spores. All the time when you think that you are enjoying the fresh air, dust can make entry to your home. Keep the windows closed when the wind is high and when you are not at home.

Let go of the Carpet

Carpets may look amazing on the floor, but it will come with some unwanted consequences. Technically, all the dust that enters your home, settle down on these carpets and whenever you step on it, it will be released in the air.  Instead of carpets, go for hard surface flooring so that the house remains dust free. Tile, stones, and woods are the perfect replacement for carpets and they won’t even include much extra care.

​Replace the furnace filters

Riva Studio Duplex Fire Stovax Heating Group Living roomFireplaces & accessories
Stovax Heating Group

Riva Studio Duplex Fire

Stovax Heating Group

You have to stop the furnace filters from blowing the dust back to the house. During the winter time, the dust build-up increases and that is why you need to change it after every one month. There are various types of furnace filters available in the market. This is quite an inexpensive method to maintain the cleanliness of the house. With the regular replacement, you can ensure that the dust is not thrown back into the home.

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