8 Easy and Cheap Diwali House Renovation Tips

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It’s that time of the season when most of the home owners look forward to renovating their houses. Why not, the most popular celebration of the year is, the festivals of light is right around the corner.

Whether, it’s just the shuffling of furniture or changing the whole landscape, something new is always in demand.

To mark the beginning of for Diwali celebrations, you must go for something out of the box. Here we are with most astonishing, yet in-budget tricks to give your house the most divine and stunning look.

Don’t forget the verandah

It is a tradition to leave all the lights of the house open throughout the Diwali night to let positivity enter our house. And there is no excuse for you to put dim lighting on your house’s entrance. Go big on lights, especially on your verandah so that your neighbours know that you are feeling the Diwali magic.

A Charismatic Entry

How about adding some traditional Indian Jhulas in your home? Jhula with pots at the entrance of the house is totally enchanting for Diwali celebrations. The architects of the house have blended the entry look with exotic copper light fixtures giving a traditional look to the house.

There is enough sitting space with Diwali decoration all around. You can also give your house an outdoor touch by planting small plants.

The Perfect Lightings

The illusion of Jharokha on the front wall of this house is just captivating. Your guests are going to be impressed by these carvings on the wall. Even the lighting is done in the most ethnic Indian way possible, letting the room spread the ambiance of Diwali.

Everything from the furniture to the walls has an accurate and warm display of colors. The entire space is tempting enough to spell bound the onlookers.

Invite Them All

Diwali invites a lot of guests to your home. To let them relax in a cozy environment that can throw the sense of opulence, you can add up a theme to your living room. It can all be lit up in incandescent hues to give the house a traditional vibe.

Making an escape from the old year’s light, you should replace all the light fixtures. This living room is all set to welcome the Diwali guests with perfect lighting and enough space. The chandelier hanging to the ceiling adds certain charm to the flavors of Diwali.

​Dine in

The dining space has to be enlightened and perfect, after all Diwali is all about extended family dinners. This room includes a country style dining table with six chairs and an elegant piece of light hanging down the ceiling.

In the front of it stands a modern table lamp that glows in ultimate ecstasy. The entire space is filled with the warmth of Diwali and if you want to have a great family time during Diwali dinner, there can’t be a better place.

​Crystal Chandeliers

From classic to contemporary, if you want to add something exotic to your interiors, crystal chandeliers are a great bet. Diwali is a festival of lights and you have complete liberty to play with the beautiful lights.

Why stick with plain old oil lamps when you can bring in the chic and high fashion look in your home with these enchanting chandeliers. They do have enough capacity to enlighten one giant living room with the color of happiness and optimism.

​Light it Up

As it is the festival of lights, you have to be playful with your imagination. Here the kitchen as well as the dining is lit up in perfectly blended lights. During Diwali, just changing the fixtures can give a new look to your house and this is the perfect example of it. There are three chandeliers set into the space enlightening the whole room with true Diwali essence.

Transform the pooja room

Diwali is the day when Goddess Laxmi enters our house, and to give her a warm welcome, it is only fair that we decorate our pooja rooms in the best way possible. Renovate your old storage room into a divine pooja room which oozes serenity and peace.

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Which one of these diwali renovation tips inspired you the most?

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