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Atithi Devo Bhava’- a popular saying in India that equates the guests to Gods and is taken seriously all over India. But that does not mean that the rest of the world does not. No matter which country or part of the world you belong, we all know that guests are considered to the be the messenger of happiness and gods and thus, they deserve special attention and care while they are staying at our place. In fact, the science of Vaastu and Feng Shui gives an exalted status to the guests and states that special attention must be given to the ambiance and arrangement of the guest rooms.

Now one will wonder- How to decorate a guest room or What does an ideal guest room looks like? The experts of homify team today have brought to you a list of items and must haves of a Guest room that can help to make your guests feel like they are staying either at a luxury hotel or their own home. No, it does not require you to go over the head and take inspiration from those luxury hotels. Just take the basic necessities in mind while doing this. Let us know how you can impress your guests with your Guest Room.

Guest Room + Loads of Pillows

Guests are distinct in nature and you never know what they will like to have for their comfort. Some might like flat pillows while others like them fluffy. Some prefer to have it down while others love to have plenty of them. Keep an assortment of pillows handy to satisfy the individual taste of your guests. 

Guests Room + Blankets

While you are collecting the pillows, don't forget to invest some amount in buying high quality good blankets in different variants like lighter material, heavy material or soft ones. Also bring the best bed linens that you can afford and look suitable to the room interiors. 

Guest Room with Books

Study Room With window Seating Creazione Interiors
Creazione Interiors

Study Room With window Seating

Creazione Interiors

A guest room with a cushy bed and a variety of reading material might form one of the most heavenly places to stay. Whether you own a full wall of bookshelves or small cabinet with reading material, stock them as much as you can. Instead of putting in all of your choices, buy all variants- fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, short stories and others. 

A must have- Luggage Stand

Ground floor Master bedroom wardrobe homify Modern style bedroom

Ground floor Master bedroom wardrobe


This hotel like guest room shows you how important it is to get plenty of storage space as well as a special corner to put up the luggage bags instead of stacking it against the wall or keeping it under the bed.

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Hangers and Hooks

Unlike you, your guests do not have any designated spot in the home to tuck their keys, hang their bags and coats. Make it easier for them by mounting walls racks and hooks. Make sure you have plenty of hangers or hooks to hang everything of need. 

Hat and Coat Stands

Hat and coat stand is also essential if you reside in an area that hosts cold weather. It is really hard to tuck heavy coats and shawls on wall hooks and hangers due to their small size and low space. A coat stand like this one will definitely add grace to the room decor.

Tea Kettle and Tray

A tea kettle that can keep the tea hot for longer and a trey with sugar, cups, and coasters are few of the things that can make the day. A supply of mugs, spoon and napkins will also do the needful to the area. 

Night stand or Bed Side Table

Place bedtime comfort material right alongside the bed, within easy reach. It should house a water bottle or jug, bowl,  watch stand, ash tray, lamp switch, flower point, some books or diary notebook etc. Think of everything you had liked to have by your side at a night while staying away from your home.

Flower Pots in the Room

SS16 Style Guide - Refined Monochrome Collection - Living Room LuxDeco Living roomSofas & armchairs living room,lounge,curved sofa,monochromatic,monochrome,marble,gold,black

SS16 Style Guide—Refined Monochrome Collection—Living Room


Having flower pots in the room is one of those few elements that broadcast a warm welcome to the comers. Keep the arrangement very simple and use an old glass jug, sturdy flower pot or case to stand out the blossoming plants. It is better to avoid those flowers that have overpowering scents that can lead to the headache. Make a list of nonallergic green plants and flowers for your help.

Another Idea for Flowers

If placing flowers on the table don't seem to appropriate, you can try something as gorgeous as this. A large flower vase that can be placed on the floor, maybe near the lampshade or side table.

Comfortable Slippers

Cardboard Medium Ruche - Nightstand, Bedside Table Ruche shelving unit BedroomAccessories & decoration Paper Metallic/Silver bedroom,bedside table,night stand
Ruche shelving unit

Cardboard Medium Ruche—Nightstand, Bedside Table

Ruche shelving unit

Bring comfortable and disposable slip-ons of free size for the guests. Most probably they won't be having one with themselves but need them to walk here and there. 

Bathroom Essetials

Your guests definitely won't be using the same shampoo, soap, towels and slippers in bathrooms as yours. Bring a fresh basket of toiletries, new towels, and niceties including the commonly forgotten items like extra toothbrush, mini toothpaste, small bottle of hand lotions, shaving kit and others. 

Is anything left in this list? Let us know through comments.

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