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5 Modular kitchen design ideas for an Indian home

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Different people in the world fancy different interiors for their kitchen. Some like to have straight ones while others look for parallel ones. Keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of various individuals, there are millions of ideas for that wow kitchen. Moreover, if it is looked after properly, it can be made to look neat and tidy all the time. However, the structure of cooking area needs timely care so that it exhibits luster and continues to be at par with the beauty of the rest of the house. Each part of the residence when combined, adds to the charm of the entire residence. So, here are some Indian modular kitchen designs ideas that can make the home look elegant and classy.

Straight Scullery

Those who love to have a straight structure of the homestead can prefer the straight design for their Indian modular kitchen. Also, the hexagonal shaped chimney above the gas stove can make the structure look even straighter. The refrigerator can be affixed right at the end of the shelf. A proper, proper idea to have a simple yet stylish kitchen is here.

I-shaped Island

For those who love to have a little twist in the shape of their house, the I-shaped Island pattern is the best alternative available. The lights hanging on the top of the stove can make preparation of food easier. It makes the edifice look more sophisticated and of high standards. It automatically provides a kind of excellence to the quality of the place where one lives.

Island Kitchen

Having an island galley can be a good idea for the ones who want to have a plain and compact space for cooking. The ones who like to have their cookery place confined to a small area would undoubtedly love to have this motif for their cookhouse.


If one wants to have, a spacious cooking area for themselves then selecting the U-shaped Indian modular kitchen design would be a wise decision. The long necked chimney above the gas-oven perfectly matches the infrastructure. Without putting in many efforts, one can get a perfect cosmopolitan style for their kitchenette just like this one which is designed by Carmen Calixto Arquitetura.

Parallel Cookhouse

To have sink on one side and counter top on the other side, one would definitely love the Parallel shaped kitchen design. It has ample of space so that cooking can be done easily and since it is airy, so ventilation is an added advantage.

Having a kitchen of your dreams can now turn into a reality. There are n numbers of modular kitchen design ideas that one can opt for. Nevertheless, the best ones are always found standing out of the crowd. If one wants to have that one in a million look for their cooking place, these designs are not a bad choice at all. To own the best has become a priority and therefore, the best among the rest can be chosen if one dreams to have something that has a distinctive identity.

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