Top 5 of the Week- From Simple home for Elderly to Pooja rooms and fences for houses

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Hello Everyone! Once again am here with our Top 5 of the week series. Every week, it is delighting to see so many responses and variations of topics that our readers like and prefer to read. This week has brought a surprising list of articles and guides that are diverse and very much different from each other.

The list includes a house for an elderly couple, fences and wall designs for Indian homes, simple architecture home, Pooja room designs once again and a simple family home from South India. These highlights are worth a read, especially for those who are looking to get their home refurbished, renewed or redone in coming times. Let's take a deeper look on these 5 guides and idea books that have been trending on our website this week.

540 sqft of Love and Budget

Small space when designed cleverly often end up in creating a masterpiece that is worth looking towards. This ideabook explores the various elements, angles, and dimensions of this small 50 square meter home that is not only inspiring but holds sufficient living space for the entire family. Minimalist designs, light and bright interiors are few of the features of this gorgeous small sized house. 

Go through the guide to know how you can make the best out of your small home and make it a hit without compromising on budget and style factor. We are sure you will get limitless ideas for your next project.

A House for Elderly Couple

Getting home constructed and designed for an elderly couple, maybe your parents or grand parents is not an easy task. It is nothing like having your own home. The home must have comfort, convenience, proper lighting yet devoid of any slippery floor, high rise stairs and shelves. This is just the start of the measures you need to keep in mind. Know all of them and gift them a home that will make their life easy and convenient through this guide. 

Access the idea book from this link and know the essentials of an elderly living home which is the top ranked and most trending story of this week.

Fences and Walls for Home to make it look fab!

Security, privacy and aesthetics are some of the reasons why we incorporate fences at our homes. Walls and fences are an essential and a must have part of most of the homes and they definitely affect the overall look of the facade of your home. While you might have liked the fence and wall designs, that you watched last night in a movie, a lot; the truth is not all designs can be brought to life from TV and they also don't promise to blend with the theme of your home. 

Go through this guide to get some practical and easy to adapt examples of fences and walls that you can copy from and get privacy combined with beauty at the exteriors. 

Pooja Room Designs

Pooja room homify Houses

Pooja room


Got an auspicious and beautiful Pooja room installed in your home and now confused how to decorate it and make it look even more special and divine. Pooja rooms, also called as mandirs, are found in almost all homes and we all know how much we are tired of those regular designs and colors that we see at our relatives place, neighbour's home, friend's apartments  and the rest of the places. 

This guide on Pooja room designs shows you how you can bring home stunningly designed pooja rooms that are highly stylish and totally represent a center of devotion that is pious and pure, just like your faith in the god.

Simple Family home from Karnataka

North elevation with Stone and Fundermax cladding homify Modern houses

North elevation with Stone and Fundermax cladding


A home that is complete in itself with a set of beautiful pooja rooms, superb wall cladding of marble, unique wallpaper designs, ceiling designs that you might never have seen, glass partitions in a new design and everything else that you might have dreamt to have in your home. 

The main entrance door itself is an example of outstanding artistry. Overall, the house is a great piece of work and thoughtful designing by the architects. Have a glimpse to the guide from here and get the best design inspirations for the day.

And here the list comes to an end. Stay tuned to homify to get more updates on the trending Home designing ideas, tips and guides from all over the world.

What would be your top 5 of week. Leave us the feedback!

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