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Jaya & Rajesh Cozy Nest Interiors Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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Although corridors and hallways are an equally important part of our residence, often we fall short of ideas to decorate them. A hallway is expected to be spacious and welcoming. This part of the house needs to be extremely homely and warm as it is the first thing you encounter after entering any residence. A perfect hallway need not always be in bungalows and mansions. It can even be built in compact city apartments. Listed here are few designs and ideas that will inspire you to build perfect corridor/hallways for your home.


Perfect for Indian households, this hallway design fills up the entire house with purity and bliss. A large idol of a deity can be placed firmly on an elevated platform for a divine effect. This design is perfect for those who can’t afford a separate pooja room or prayer room. By adding a large sculpture, you not only make the hallway look good, but also ensure the divine presence of the almighty in your heavenly abode.


mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu Muraliarchitects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

mr sajeev kumar s residence at girugambakkam, near m.i.o.t hospital, chennai ,tamilnadu


This hallway design converts your hallway space into a mini conservatory. The effective use of shrubs and planters make the area aesthetically pleasing and visually charming. The judicious use of space and wise placement of short and tall trees help you experience nature even on the top storey. A single tree stands firmly on one side and is so strategically placed that it can be enjoyed from any angle of the house. This is a perfect hallway design for all nature lovers and will surely fill your home with freshness and positivity.

Optical illusion

This hallway is perfect for smaller households. What makes it extra special is the inclusion of a unique colourful pattern that creates an optical illusion. Any guest while walking through the corridor will get easily attracted to this magnificent feature. It is an ideal way to brighten up the pastel surroundings, thus exuding brightness in the entire house. Pair this with round stools, family portraits and mirrors to have a perfectly decorated look.

A cozy seating area!

This is another stylish way to use your versatile hallway. Converting the empty space into a cozy, relaxing place not only makes the hallway highly functional but also adds another impressive feature in your house. Just like other rooms, glam up this area with bright wallpaper and classy flooring to make it suitable for enjoying those unending conversations with friends and family. Addition of paintings, green planters and a small water fountain will also add to the charm.

Highly functional

If you are space deficient then this is the best hallway design for your house. This design converts the walls of the hallway into bookshelf which not only makes a great utility area, but also adds a classy feel to the space. With appropriate use of the loft area and vertical height, these bookshelves can stretch all the way up, thus making a large space for storing your exquisite collection of books. Along with the carpeted flooring and effective lighting, this space can easily be used as study or library.

Glossy lighting

Glitzy and glamorous, this hallway design is all about flamboyance. It displays how the use of strategic lighting and classy lamps can totally change the look of an otherwise sober area. Elegant wallpaper design beautifully glows in the brightness of subtle yellow lamps and emerges out as the proud focal point. The centrally mounted lamp with swanky metallic designs has a bold and profound stance that transforms the room into sheer elegance.

Vividly decorated

The beautiful display of colourful mosaic tiles intensifies the entire house with its brightness. This display coversx the whole of the feature wall that extends up to the top storey as well. Along with the widely spread coffee tables and subtle furniture, it imparts a ‘café like’ feel to the ground floor. It is a perfect view while you climb up the stairs and makes an absolute treat to the eyes.

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Designed by The Orange Lane for a house in Pune, an absolute royal welcome is guaranteed by this hallway design that makes an effective use of ancient arches and antique furnishings. A highly elegant entrance is created by the magnificent lighting and decorated floor work that fill the area with warmth and togetherness. The beautiful artwork on the entry door and the pooja room further enhances the regal effect.  The above designs show how just a few touches and tweaks can turn a boring hallway into the most attractive part of the house. Homify brings you a plethora of different designs and ideas that can model a pleasing hallway.

What's your favourite way to decorate a corridor/hallway? Let us know in the comments below. 

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