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18 ways to bring yellow to your home

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Colour has the power to alter your mind and thus, plays an important role in interior design. It can add energy to a dull room or calmdown one filled with chaos. Different colours have different effects on themood of a room. 

Yellow is the colour of the sun and adds brightness to anyroom. As per Vastu Shastra, it’s good for improving concentration andencourages mental activity. It’s also the colour associated with Lakshmi, the goddessof wealth.

Depending on the shade of yellow that you use – ranging frombright lemon to duller mustard or pastel yellow – it can either brighten up thespace or tone down the energy. We’ve picked 18 ideas to help you to add yellowto your home.

​Ceiling drama

In a modern room that uses white and beige furnishing andaccessories, the introduction of yellow through the diffused lighting from thefalse ceiling adds drama and brings the room to life.

​Chef’s cheer

The use of yellow can add a cheery ambiance in a small kitchen. The bright yellow laminates on the kitchen cabinets, like in this home, is a guaranteed mood lifter for even the grumpiest chef!

​Bathroom brightness

In a dull bathroom, the addition of elegant yellow hanging lampshades contributes an interesting design element that brightens up the space to make it seem less cramped.

​Pastel relief

Set in a dark toned wall, the pastel yellow background of the wall niche provides relief and adds a stylish feature to the bath.

​A bit of sunshine

Bedrooms need the right mix of energy and calmness. In this room, the use of bright yellow linen adds energy and perfectly contrasts the dull wall paint.

​Welcoming feel

The guest bedroom in this home uses a beautiful bed back panelling in a floral print on a bright yellow background to add an inviting feel to the space, making visitors feel right at home.

​Bedroom highlight

The use of a bright yellow feature wall is the highlight in this bedroom, where it adds a memorable element to the design.

​Impressive foyer

The gorgeous backlit panelling in the entrance hallway of this apartment adds unmistakable energy to the interiors and creates a terrific first impression on every visitor.

Mustard with meals

Even a duller shade of yellow can enhance the beauty and mood in a room, as the mustard feature wall does to the dining room in this home. Along with the peaceful Buddha statue, it adds a calm ambiance – perfect for relaxed meals.

​A splash of colour

In small homes, bold colours on the walls tend to make the area seem too cramped. A smart alternative is to add tiny splashes of it. The yellow latticework on this foldable dining table introduces a bit of brightness to the wall.

​Bright kids

Children’s bedrooms benefit from bright colours, and as a primary colour, yellow is a good option. It’s perfect for a study nook as yellow helps to improve concentration.

​Mixed with yellow

For those who aren’t comfortable with bold colours taking over a room, yellow can be mixed with other bright colours in accessories such as stools or cushions.

​Stylish dressing

In this dressing room, the bright yellow upholstery on the sofa introduces a stylish element to the area, besides making the space brighter.

​Minimalist colour

In a home with a minimalist theme, the use of a few elegant accessories in yellow adds bright contrast without deviating from the overall theme.

​Stairway elevation

Instead of continuing with white on the stairway walls, like in the rest of the home, the infusion of yellow as a feature wall blends with the earthy wood trims and indoor plants to add an artistic touch to the area.

​Elegant dining

In this ultra-modern home, the lovely yellow lampshades hanging over the dining table add sophistication to the room, keeping with the formal design theme.

​Stunning living

In this home with Moroccan inspired design, the bold yellow upholstery in the living area is as stunning as it is stylish.

​Small accessories

Yellow can be introduced to almost every room in a home through small accessories such as ceramic pots, lampshade bases or even coaster and table mats.

For inspiration on adding red to your home, see 5 Ways to Use Yellow at Home.

Which of these yellow design ideas will suit your home? Respond in the comments.

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