5 Vastu tips for an Indian home

Aarti Tripathi Aarti Tripathi
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Designing and conceptualising an Indian Modern house can be very challenging and one of the major challenges is Vastu Shastra. No matter how much Indians adopt new techniques, few traditional sciences still cling to the roots and hold a place as top priority and Vastu is one of them. So, here are some Vastu tips for home that might help while thinking about an Indian modern home.


The bedroom should not be irregular in shape. One of the important Vastu tips for bedroom is the room should send back positive vibes, therefore, colorful pictures can be hanged. Pastel colors of blue, green and off white is ideal. Any kind of mirror should not face the bed. An aquarium in bedroom is a total no-no.

Balcony- Varandah- Terrace

Northern or eastern side is the best direction to construct a Balcony. Arches should be avoided and the corners of the balconies should not be rounded. Furniture should be light weight and swings must be fixed facing north or south direction. Flower pots if using should be smaller in size.

Dressing Room

Very few Indian homes have separate dressing rooms. So vastu tips for this part of house is minimal, just like in this Amory Brown Ltd design. However, the dressing room should be within the bed room and the dressing table should not face the bed.  Wardrobes should be placed in south-west or north-west direction.

Dining Room

Ideal corner for this room is western side of the house. Dining room and kitchen should be adjacent to each other. There should not be any obstruction such as loft above the dining table. Perfect colors for this room are pink and orange.


The position and the drainage system should be northern and north-eastern direction. The toilet must be at least a feet above the ground. Bathtub should be placed in the west. Dark colors are supposed to be avoided and white, blue and pale green is preferable.

Indian houses are an amalgamation of traditional values and application of modern décor. Vastu tips for home, if applied accurately provide the house and the environment with positive vibes, furthermore eliminating any kind of penetration of diseases. It also helps in improving financial position and overall stress and well being of the family residing.  In Vastu, it is also written that ‘Bhumi Pooja’ (worshipping the earth through rituals on which the house is going to be built) is supposed to be performed without fail.

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