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15 wall covers to make your small room looks bigger

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Dark shades or light colored paint in small rooms? This is the designer's and decorators ultimate debate. Tiny rooms, small houses, and compact spaces- these are the most common terms we come across when it comes to home designs. No matter how brilliantly you design your homes and accessorize that small space, it is unworthy and unnoticed until you add the right texture and colors to the walls. They form the basis of the impression of your room on others and thus, it goes without saying that your choice of colors will determine the outlook of your room. 

To solve this riddle of choosing the right paint for your small world, we have brought to you 12 appropriate paint colors that are suggested by designers and interior decorators. Let's move ahead of light colors rule and see what this list has in store for us.

Mirror Wall

Try covering a wall with mirror and that will do the job of reflecting the room into it. See the above design where the wall against the table has a large sized mirror that makes it look double the size of the actual room. Isn't it a great idea?

Bold is Gold

Embrace your small room with bold colors- just like a jewel box. Don't be afraid of using bright and pop colors. No matter what bright color you choose, it is essential to put some simple artwork on the wall and equally bright decor material to lift up the interiors. 

Bright and Light

While using the darker tones is not restricted but it depends on the kind of room we are decorating. For instance, you can use dark shades in library or other personal space but for living room or bedroom, play safe by using bright and light colors. Lighter shades in a flat finish will punctuate the space. 

Cherry Yellow

A dark room looks darker not particularly because of paint but due to the absence of light. First, set the lighting and then decide the colors. Cherry yellow is warning and excellent pick that works well for summers and looks specially great in winters. 

Let it Glow

Orange is one of those colors that seem to emit from all angles. The room with compact space and multiple elements and section within one, has been balanced well with the partially orange ceiling and wood furniture on the floor. The lighter shades of peach and orange mixed make the room glow day and night!

Bright Blue

Bright Blue, they have a cool and calming effect on eyes and mind of the onlookers. The different shades of blue, whether matching to sea or the sky, they all are equally adorable for your tiny rest area of house. Use matching decor items to make it connected to the design.

Serene Space

Little off white, ivory and similar shades are always a hit for small rooms. You can use colored accessories or flooring to break the monotony of the room and give it a fresh vibe.

Green Leafy Shade

Add the right amount of energy and a natural appeal to the room by using one or different shades of green at your home. No need to paint the entire room with the same color. Use it on one wall and let the rest be light green or white.

Peachy Fun

Shades of peach are highly empowering but they tend to get dirtier very easily. If you have small kids at home that will be frequent visitor to the small room then its best to color the lower walls with other dark peach and the top with lighter shades. 

Mellow Yellow

This shade of yellow never fails to impress us. It has the energy, the positivity and a right balance of positivity with it that can make any small and compact space look very much bright and beautiful. For more ideas on small home decorations, go through this guide.

Going Grey

Delicate shades of grey can give an airy and natural feel to the room without making it look congested and small. This room shows how you can use the lighter shades of grey along with darker curtains and still rock the design.

Shimmering Gold

A never failing concept of designing is to use the two most royal colors- Gold and Silver. While silver is hard to find suitable as wall paints, golden shades truly justify why it is called royal color. The small room is looking illuminated and lively.

Light Purple

Purple and Brinjal paints are quite crispy and lend a fresh atmosphere to live in. Use similar shades like the one above and keep the furniture and other decor simple. Don't experiment by using anything more colorful else your home will start looking like a crayon box. 

One wall Darker

Another trick is to color one wall darker than the rest. Not only it helps to change the outlook of the room but also makes it look bigger than it is. Use the dark shade on the front wall and use lights over it. Keep the rest of the walls free of paintings and hangings so as to reflect the light.

Creative Illusions

Use creative illusions and get one of the walls painted in such a way that it twists your brain and changes the entire scene and view. For instance, this wall looks like a gateway to wider stairs that climb up to a giant gate on the top. Confused- Are you?

Light Purple is our personal favorite.

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