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Espaço do Traço arquitetura Tropical style balcony, veranda & terrace
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Needless to say, an outdoor cooking space provides an easy way to increase your outdoor entertainment and activities manifold. This is a great way of giving your patio or back yard a fresh new look. From classic wood-fired pizza place to fancy barbecue grills and splendid dining sets, homify brings you some awe-inspiring designs that will assist you in designing a perfect outdoor gourmet space at your residence. Excited about it? Let's begin..

Highly sophisticated

Laurelhurst Carriage House PATH Architecture Modern houses
PATH Architecture

Laurelhurst Carriage House

PATH Architecture

This exotic outdoor gourmet space is a vital part of the beige beauty that exudes closeness and strong family bonding. A cozy fireplace is provided besides the dining table to enjoy cold evenings. The gourmet space is built in perfect sync with the subtle exteriors and the wooden framework. This sophisticated place is equipped with a food serving area and a barbecue grill that lets you enjoy some sizzling hot steaks and chilled beer with friends and family.


This is a very traditional and highly classic outdoor gourmet space. It blends the subtle interiors seamlessly with the brighter exteriors. This place indeed is a perfect family place which is evident from the huge sturdy dining table and additional seating area on the side. With the inclusion of all modern appliances and amenities, this kitchen is here to make memories for a lifetime. Imagine those Christmas or Thanksgiving family meals in such beauty.


Vintage furniture, antique lighting and extensive stone work ensure a perfect rustic environment for a gourmet space. This space is built with a sun roof which is the USP of the area. Old-school fireplace and barbecue area with aluminum utensils surely make your experience a rickety countryside house in your residence itself. Each and every element of this place blends in harmony with each other and the surroundings.


Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court Eldridge London Minimalist kitchen
Eldridge London

Kitchen with sliding rooflight to create open-air court

Eldridge London

Where is the roof? This gourmet kitchen gets its looks and uniqueness from the roof design. With a ceiling, it would have been just another indoor kitchen. The designers have very thoughtfully carved a rectangular out from the ceiling and made such an artistic wonder. This makes a perfect gourmet space for all seasons as the dining area has been concealed under shade. Now you can enjoy both, sun kissed afternoons in winter and those starry lit skies in summer with a delectable meal. Isn't is an awesome idea?

Pizza place

wood-fired oven & fireplace wood-fired oven Modern garden
wood-fired oven

wood-fired oven & fireplace

wood-fired oven

There is no better fragrance than the fragrance of a freshly baked pizza and absolutely no better feeling than having a wood fired fireplace right in your backyard. This double delight is offered to you by specialists in wood-fired oven who have created a beautiful and highly functional pizza gourmet place in the outdoor area. This compact place is warm and homely pertaining to the widespread climbers and green hedges that provide the much needed shade and fresh air during the hot baking process. It is an ideal spot for organizing your child’s birthday party or a family get together as no one really can resist the smell of a pizza.


Oooh! This small and cozy outdoor gourmet space is the perfect spot for romantic couples who are looking for a private dinner date. What better way to impress a girl if you can cook for her as well? The warmth of this place is mainly attributed to the subtle pink pastel shades and light wooden flooring. It has sober brickwork on the walls which, along with the high ceiling gives an impression of old colonial times. This place does not have all fancy appliances, but comes with a few basic ones like an oven, barbecue grill and a refrigerator. The dim lighting and fresh outdoors will surely make your evening special.


This is a pretty, perky gourmet space built in a tropical style. The vividly painted chairs and the colourful crockery instantly fill the space with colour and brightness. This gourmet area comes in a compact single unit pattern and makes you believe that a lot can be done even in smaller areas. Surrounded by planters and colourful mosaic tiles, this place is a highly appealing eating joint. 

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Superbly beautiful

The gourmet space in this house smoothly merges the outdoors with the indoors. It comes equipped with all modern fittings with subtle beige emerging as the main hero. The beautiful statement lighting along the entire seating area oozes out comfort and closeness. The cozy balcony with relaxing cane chairs makes an ideal spot for spending lazy summer afternoons. We hope you loved glancing through the designs. Browse through various categories at homify to know more about such designs.

Hope you were inspired by these stunning outdoor gourmet space designs. If you do not have a good amount of space for setting up a gourmet space outside, you can still create an awesome seating area where you can relax and rejuvenate in the open space. Here's an ideabook that presents really unique and creative outdoor seating area designs for one and all - Comfortable outdoor seating ideas.  

Which example did you like the most in the first go? Let us know in the comments below. 

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