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A beautiful facade is the depiction of the architect's creative vision and desire to impress others with an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. Today we have some out of the box exterior design ideas for regular Indian houses from Delhi that can help you decide how you should project your home. Make your first impression last longer with these beautiful, unique and appealing facades. Have a look!

Uncompounded Open

Indian residents, especially those located in Delhi, prefer to have exterior wall tiles designs that can be remain within budget yet have the ability to justify the interiors of their home. That's why we can see most of the designs carved out of simple building blocks. The above design too, emphasis more on keeping it simple and safe. Dual colored wall tiles help to highlight few parts of the building over others. 

Gallery Driven

If you don't have a big sized front at your home, then you can adopt a facade like this where a major part has been devoted to the balcony area and little has been spared for the walls. It will make the house look bigger from outside and also let the natural light enter your home.

Three Storey Design with Gallery

A three storey home often comes with the trouble of deciding a design that does not only looks brilliant from inside but also justifies its looks from outside. Get the scales and geometry revised and create lines and squares. This single family home has just the ideal number of lookout points to keep an eye on incidents happening on the roads and by-lanes outside.

The Villa Kind of Facade

Having a big sized living home gives you plenty of space for creativity, perfection and rope in designs that are somehow impossible to be expressed in less space. For instance, this facade has a semi-circular balcony that forms the central element of attraction, a unique combination of paint colors and lots of cement work that is helping the building stand out. 

Simplistic Oriented

Not getting too much creative sometimes helps to nail a perfect exterior design. This facade brings you a simple and finely decorated facade. The home builder here has played well with the handrails on balcony, tiles on the side pillar walls and window glasses. The wide entrance gate is also something to look upon if you favor free entrance space.

Glass work

And the last but not the least, this glass made facade steals the show due to its clarity and concept. No doubt, it looks chic and gorgeous without any use of color, tiles, and grills. 

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Solid Designed

Open facade often comes with the trouble of cleaning the home multiple times and thus, if you live in an area that hosts lots of dust and dirt then opt for a closed exterior design, but with a small balcony open that can be used whenever its pleasant outside. Solid design does not necessarily means to have simple standing structure but you can try different kinds of tiles, designs and ask the designer to create motifs through glass or metal.

Your very own Cottage

A cottage kind of exteriors have long been appreciated and adored by many of us and they never seem to fall out of fashion. This home, having a cottage like exteriors has little-curved balconies, a grand main entrance area, monotonous paint and still looks charming and pleasing to have a second look.

Glass Works to Elaborate Beauty

Having windows, doors and tiles seem to be very usual thing. Glass, often considered to be fragile, are usually avoided to be used in exteriors. Break the rules and use glass structures on the main entrance gate, the terrace of the balcony and other areas. Don't forget to get them framed so as to protect them against damage and breaks.

Dual Themed Beauty

While using dual tones is a great and forever fashionable idea, look at this dual themed exterior design where one part shows the green element and the other depicts earthy tones. The metallic grill design is something you should blindly copy at your home. 

Outline the Boundaries

Layered sort of design with different levels of balconies all over- this facade is definitely setting some goals for us. The outlined boundary with the mosaic style tiles is adding edge to the overall look of the home. The matching entrance gate is yet another highlight of this area.

A bundle of Colors

An exterior that makes you predict and assume the entire interior design at very first glance, this is what we call as a perfect introduction. The stairs, the rooms and the shaft, they can be easily seen. We loved the terrace cottage and the hints of white at the boundaries. Moreover, having multiple shades, that appear disconnected yet complementary to each other.

The Curvaceous Glance

Bored of those finely lined and straight house facades? Go for a curvy design on corners and redefine how people have been getting their homes done! From tip to toe, this front wall design in Indian house one is a big hit for us.

Hanging Mini Garden

Add some bling and a pinch of natural beauty to the front of your home by introducing hanging vines and plants on the balconies and shades of terrace or rooms. They look super-awesome and can create magic to your old and boring home exteriros. 

Grand Asymmetrical Front

There is no rule book that can define how to perfectly design the facade of your home based on its size. But definitely, an architect can let you know the protocols of front wall design in Indian houses and create a structure that fits into your dream home's frame. This grand sized villa has no particular design or structure yet excels when it comes to laying the first impression.

Small House Facade

Another brilliant design idea for small sized home with one storey. No materialistic elements, no accessories and no bling- keep it authentic and minimal to get this look.

Geometry makes it zenith

Having geometrical elements not only works well for interiors but also sets a perfect example for the exteriors as well. This home shows how you can especially emphasise the facade and get the look that is sure to get the eyes and attention. Different elements like poles, brick pillars, greenery and more have been specifically used to decorate it. 

Mixture of Figures

There are very few designs that call for attention and imitating and we are sure, this one will be one of them. Ditch the straight walls and add some beautiful arches and curves. 

Built around a stately pillar

When one is lucky enough to land a corner plot in a residential neighborhood it is natural to design a home that makes a statement like the one here which is a mix between a stately villa and a farmhouse style bungalow. The front wall tile designs of Indian houses are usually embellished with stones, glass or other decorative details but here simple bricks make up the pillar facade.

Compact and concise

Grandeur and style may not be possible in a small sized home but that does not take away the external beauty of its design. This compact house built on two levels has been glamorized with glass windows, square layouts and strategically placed entrance points. Blessed with sufficient parking space in the front this design is perfect for families looking for easy to build budget homes.

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I will go for the geomtrical one. What is your favorite?

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