8 Tips to Make the Most out of a Small Indian Home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Whether it is a small studio apartment or you just want to get the most out of a small space, there are ways to utilize the most out of it. Although the task can be a bit daunting, talented designers can help you make a smart choice. Move ahead and use these small space designs in your house as well:

​Utilize the small corner

We all have unused space in our houses but we never pay attention to it. The best way would be to utilize every single unused area. Whether it is a high ceiling or cluttered closets, something can always be done using those spaces.

Determine the spots that can transform the interior of your house, and start reimagining. In this apartment, the space under the stairs is being utilized to place a TV.

​Smart Furniture

Hello & Goodbye John Nouanesing Corridor, hallway & stairs Clothes hooks & stands
John Nouanesing

Hello & Goodbye

John Nouanesing

Jacket, scarves, hats, and belts, there are many small accessories for which you need small yet safe places. Put it all in an arranged manner with this stylish wall hanging.

Separate Zones without Actual Walls

Think of everything that you can do in a space – it can be your bedroom, living room as well as a study. The tricky question here is – Do you really need a wall over here?

Subtle demarcations can be used to make a space appear bigger. The more walls you have in a home, the more occupied it will look. Try to create a home where every room flows to the next and to maintain the difference and mood of each room, you can simply use different shed and curtains.

Lots of Shelves

Attic room cupboards & shelves Martin Greshoff Furniture Living roomCupboards & sideboards
Martin Greshoff Furniture

Attic room cupboards & shelves

Martin Greshoff Furniture

Shelf it wherever! It is possibly the best bait you can utilize in your home. The image here displays the perfect shelving in an unused corner of the home. Cut out to suit the angles of the wall, this wooden shelf can store anything from books to your precious home decors. On a suitable angle, a small TV has been placed.

​High Rise Renaissance

The space above the furniture is often ignored, but this can be your bait for arranging a small space. The image represents a kitchen where the closet is being used for storing kitchen essentials. The above portion of the same has been utilized for storing the wine glasses in an exquisite manner. Display your favorite bottle of wine on the empty space, and you have got yourself a perfect conversation started.

Cool Storage

The space under the stairs is that perfect space where you can always store those extra goods that hardly get used but you still need to keep them for a rainy day.

Funky shelves designed can be created below the stairs with or without cupboards. This image is a magnificent example of utilizing that extra space under the stairs. Clothes, shoes, or books, you can place anything you like in there.

Think of smart change

Choose home elements that can act properly in a small space. The first thing to talk about is the furniture. Even though the desk and dining tables give a classic touch to the home, they are not necessary when the home space is low.

Invest in the right pieces of furniture so that they can be transformed from time to time. Foldable chairs, collapsible beds, and flip-flop tables should be the new choice of furniture, just like the one in this image.

​Go creative

Mirrors can truly make your place look bigger. All you need to do is apply them with real creativity.  This house displays the accurate and inspiring placement of mirrors.

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