8 Precious houses that were very Cheap

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Gone are the days when luxury homes were associated with high costs. Thanks to the advanced technologies that have brought to us the cheap home materials that can be used to make a house within a week. The results are unrivaled without any question, giving out the perfect home solutions. 

Today, we will show you 8 beautiful examples of economical, sustainable, and durable homes that can be your dream house. The budget here might have been moderate, but every inch of the house is filled with a professional touch. So, let’s start exploring what resides in:

​Modern and Simple

A simple representation of modern house with sheer simplicity and shines. No need of complex volumetric figures, vanishing points, or multiple textures. A home has to be the best when you know what you are doing and what the end result is going to be. The car parked under the sheds showcases the work of cane and wood.

​Beauty in the Mountains

The Evans House, A4 Studio is created out of concrete, wood, and steel, this house covers 270 square metre. The main challenge while creating this house was the incarnation with vineyards and Mendoza landscape. Inside the house, you will get to see a fascinating interior.

​Subtle Warmth

This house uses SIP technology which is the finest and latest material to manufacture sustainable and economical homes. The thermal insulation with expanded polystyrene center reduces the thermal shock environments. As these homes are eco-friendly, there is no need of water or any other sort of contamination in the construction. The house still maintains its aesthetic value, making it as desirable as any high-cost house.


Sustainable materials were used here to add modern aesthetics. Painted in white, the house imparts modern look and the pallet design opening is just incredible to watch. Must say, one of the fabulous interiors in the most affordable price. Next time you think of an affordable house and bedroom, do remember this.


Depending on the complexity of the structure, these homes can be created within just two months. For those who love nomadic life, these manufactured homes can be the best pick. If you want to settle down, there won’t be much hassle in strengthening the house. The best part is – the quicker they can be built, the easier it is to disarm them.

Cube Houses

A great example of prefabricated houses also known as modular homes. Developed with cutting-edge designs, this house is constructed with panels and coatings made up of wood and stone. Go upstairs and you will find the perfect modular structure. Designed in the cube, this is the perfect example of an in-budget house.

​Very Economical

Whether its very high or low temperatures, technology is trying to get a way to find out building materials to support any weather. The end result is surprising here with these prefabricated modular homes. Go inside and you will find a well-arranged space that is totally cut-out from the outside temperature.

Made Reality

If you want a classic house in the least amount of money, this is the right solution. Yes, it is possible to get a decent roof with prefabricated materials. You might have to compromise a bit on certain stages, yet this remains the best choice. Along with reducing the cost, it also decreases the time taken in construction.

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