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8 storage solutions for compact Indian apartments

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Small homes are charming and cosy. However, they come with the challenge of managing clutter so that the area looks airy instead of cramped. Storage is vital to keeping a compact home looking neat, but quite often regular storage doesn’t work in smaller homes as they occupy too much floor space – something that is precious in a tiny home.

Cleverly designed storage helps to add an artistic element to a compact home, in addition to keeping it clutter-free. Take a look at these 8 storage solutions that we have put together to help you organize your small home better.

1. Under the stairs

From open shelving to wardrobes for clothes and shoes, building storage under the staircase is perfect for a small home with a loft or a duplex layout. This clever design uses slide out units that make it easy to access even the deepest part of the wardrobe.

2. ​Floor-to-ceiling shelves

There can never be too many shelves in a small space. Whether it’s to store books or to display accessories, getting floor-to-ceiling shelves not only maximizes the use of wall space, but also presents easy to access storage. In a bedroom, it can double up as a wardrobe for stacking clothes or accessories. Get open shelves or, alternatively, use sliding doors that act as walls and keep the clutter hidden.

3. Tall sideboard

A sideboard in the dining area is essential for storing crockery and cutlery. If your small home doesn’t have the space for a regular floor standing sideboard, consider building a narrower wall cabinet with shelves that serves the same purpose. It can also double up as a partition that separates the dining and living area.

4. ​Hooks and Baskets

From Valencia With Design, Yonoh Yonoh

If a room is too narrow for built-in storage, an easy option is to use rows of hooks on the wall and hang small baskets to replace shelves. They can be used to store accessories, make up and jewellery to keep the area looking neat and organized. Use colourful baskets to add an artistic touch to the walls.

5. Layered drawers

In the kitchen or bathroom, tiered storage units inside drawers help in saving space and keeping things organized. In this bathroom, the drawers are designed with layered storage that holds smaller items on the top tier and taller items such as perfumes and toiletries in the lower tier.

6. ​Behind the mirror

In the bathroom or bedroom, building storage behind the mirror is ideal for keeping make-up and accessories within easy reach, while simultaneously hiding away the clutter. The mirror also performs the function of reflecting the space to make the area look larger.

7. Hidden storage

varia duo, aaro aaro Modern dining room Tables

Incorporating storage in unexpected places can introduce a surprise element as well as present convenient and easily accessible pockets. This slide out dining table hides away the cutlery and linen to keep the table surface free from clutter.

8. ​Box beds

Box beds are the best option for compact homes as they efficiently utilise the floor space under the bed to provide storage. The design can be extended to bunk beds like this one, which has deep drawers underneath that offer ample storage in a small bedroom.

For more storage designs for small homes, take a look at these Clever Storage Solutions.

Which of these ideas will you copy for your small home? Answer in the comments.

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