6 Simple mistakes to avoid when decorating

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Doing up the interiors of a newly-acquired home can be a very exciting adventure! Be it for a personal sense of aesthetic comfort or to impress guests, it is important to make the right choices—first, by studying prevailing trends and, second, by ensuring that the selection of furniture, fabric and accessories is in harmony with the space for which it is intended. However, there are six common mistakes that are often committed, when it comes to interior decoration. Let’s run through them and find out the right way of going about decorating your home.

1. Decorate your home in stages

Sometimes, we are so excited at the prospect of decorating our home that we buy all the furniture and accessories at once, only to find later that they do not blend well or suit the ambiance. It is better to buy the furniture gradually, observing the effect of the various fittings and accessories as you add them one by one to the décor. This is especially important when the purchase is a major one such as a sofa or a dining table, which plays a vital role in building the character of a room.

2. Good illumination enhances the accessories

One key factor that is frequently neglected is the lighting. Many homeowners can be careless when it comes to this important feature of the house. No, lights do not have just one practical purpose – they are a crucial decorative element as well! A gorgeous interior can lose half its charm through inadequate or inappropriate lighting. It is necessary to judge whether the beauty of an area is best enhanced by means of a futuristic lamp, an elegant chandelier, or recessed track lighting– there are so many options! Be sure to choose the right mix of lights for your home! Take a cue from this stunning bathroom designed by the interior architects at Innenarchitektur-Rathke.

3. Works of art are essential

While choosing furniture, lights and other accessories, one must not forget to include one or more works of art in a room. A fine sculpture or a lovely painting does wonders to enrich any space. It is the cherry on top of the cake! Once you have arranged the furniture, carpets and fittings, keep an eye out for the perfect pieces of art that will complement your décor and further develop the ambiance of your home.

4. Diversify the style

There is no reason to adhere to one particular style or one particular material in a room. If you wish to combine a number of materials, there is no reason why you should not do so, always keeping in mind their aesthetic qualities and making sure that they blend cohesively. Analyse various colours and textures for the right combination. For a warm and rustic look, natural materials like wood, stone and brick provide a gorgeous effect. Glass and metal can be used for an elegant and contemporary flavour while leather is a truly adaptable material that fits in many environments.

5. Be bold!

Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and accessories. Study bold trends in magazines and remember that you don’t need to adopt them in entirety if they don’t match your personality. However, you can always play with a few elements or ideas from the magazines and introduce them in your home – a small section of bold colour on a wall, or just one futuristic lamp, or some vibrant cushions. If you like the splash of pizzazz this creates in your home, you can always dare to be bolder!

6. Infuse originality

Working with a rigid and orthodox mindset while decorating your home, is a major mistake. Do not hesitate to impart your own personality or creativity to your décor. For instance, the owner of this home has an antler for a tray! There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained by experimenting – give your creative instinct a free rein. If the result is not ideal, repainting or removing the item is always an option.

With this list of six simple dos-and-don’ts under your belt, let your decorative instincts soar high and sensibly! Here’s another story that might pique your interest – 5 Spectacular design ideas for your home.

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