A riverfront house in Palghar

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Riverfront House The White Room Tropical style houses
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This picturesque holiday home comprising of three cottages is located amidst a thick mango orchard on a high embankment beside a perennial river. The cottages built in traditional style have tiled roof and wooden walls with stone floor to maintain cool temperature in hot tropical summers.  Proximity to the river enables easy access to water sports and boating or just sitting out on the open deck and enjoying cool breeze rising off the water.  

Designed by The White Room, the riverside cottage is owned by a wealthy individual from entertainment industry who spared no expense to make the home suited to his family’s lifestyle while retaining natural environment around the property. Let us take a tour of this beautiful cottage that will certainly encourage you to set out on a riverside holiday trip.

1. A view to die for

Riverfront House The White Room Tropical style houses
The White Room

Riverfront House

The White Room

Who would not like to view the serenity of a wide placid river from their bedroom window and wonder at its depth, or just sit on the wooden jetty close to the river and enjoy cool breeze. With a private entrance to the river and strong fencing, the riverside house is protected and secluded on all sides as the next house is across the river.

2. Pathway to paradise

Entrance pathway to the house The White Room Tropical style houses
The White Room

Entrance pathway to the house

The White Room

The green windswept driveway to the cottages is picturesque to say the least with rows of corn fields on both sides. Besides the little circle of local vegetation cleared for mango orchard around the cottage, the owners have not disturbed the flora or fauna of the area. 

Even the driveway off the main highway to the cottages is a rough one with vegetation growing close to the path.Even though the owners travel with family often during long weekends to their holiday home, the driveway is a different experience everytime with local vegetation changing colours every season.

3. Home of tranquility

Slate roofing The White Room Tropical style houses
The White Room

Slate roofing

The White Room

The main house built in traditional country style with sweeping roof of slate gives a Balinese look to the entire structure. The central white cottage is the largest among other two cottages as it houses the main residential area and also the community kitchen. The other couple of cottages are designed for guests that may arrive with family for a weekend or two.

4.. Attractive living room

The length and breadth of this living area shows that it is a place for large family gatherings with multiple seating options that are wide and comfortable. Mellow olive green walls and trendy drop down lights keep the spacious living room bright even without windows as large glass doors cover the entire wall.

5. Balcony and deck

Wooden Deck over river The White Room Tropical style houses
The White Room

Wooden Deck over river

The White Room

This charming balcony with a wooden deck is the perfect place for enjoying hot Indian summers with cool breeze flowing in from the river. The home has been designed in such a manner that air keeps circulating between exteriors and interiors to maintain cool temperature without the use of artificial air-conditioning. Strong wooden deck is the perfect place to sit with beverages and enjoy evenings and mornings.

6. Ariel view of the property

This picture gives a bird’s eye view of the property and you can truly appreciate the surroundings and ambience. While the country style cottages are surrounded by greenery all around to provide privacy from other homes in the vicinity, there is minimal vegetation between them to avoid chances of stepping on poisonous insects or small animals at night.

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Which view of this house did you like the most? Do let us know your views.

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