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Windows—thinking outside the square

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Unless you happen to be living in a cave or somewhere deep beneath the earth, windows are such a given when it comes to home interiors that we rarely think too much about them. They’re an element so ubiquitous and conventional that we don’t often think outside the square when choosing how to incorporate them within our broader home designs. As well as providing necessary natural light to brighten up our spaces and help bring the outside ‘in’ a little more, windows can function as the ultimate feature addition to a domestic space. But it’s all about how you use them. Baulking the trend can really be the way to go. Open up to new ideas about how to incorporate windows and the areas and styles in which you embed them into your walls and ceiling. In these brilliant examples below, we see the way in which clever and unusual window design can deliver so much additional verve to your interior spaces, from ingenious tilted skylights to cute floor-flush attic swing door glasswork. Like so many elements of interior design, the only limit (aside from fundamental structural necessities) is your imagination. 

Adopt a few salient tips from these expert additions below and get inspired to let the light shine in in new, amazing ways in your gorgeous domestic spaces.

Attic cosiness

Let the light shine in with this incredibly cosy, bright and brilliant attic revamp. Here, the designers have put a sincere effort into attracting the most amount of light possible. Baulking the tendency do opt for standard sized wall panes, these cute, floor-level windows make for adorable alternatives, complete with open-out swing doors to let in the delightful Spring breeze. More than this, the use of such fantastic pitched-ceiling skylights really let the side windows remain cute features, all the while harnessing even more light than conventional wall-based windows, affording this room maximum privacy with little effort at all.

Skylight sensation

What do you do when you’ve maxed-out your rear wall space with full-length sliding doors? Tend to the ceiling of course! Skylights are such a boon for any room in the house, drawing so much lovely light in to spill throughout your domestic spaces while making for such a neat aesthetic statement and point of interest. Plus, when the sunsets and the night falls, the moon and stars are all yours right above your head—to say nothing of that amazing, cosy sensation this clear roof will bring when the rain starts pouring down.

Perfect pitch

Not enough wall space for that fantastic feature window you’ve got in mind? Build it directly into the roof! Better yet, embed this gloriously wide duel pane sky window into your pitched ceiling and have the best of both angles—a window like this achieves so much: incredible natural light, a wonderful view of the sky and the elements, and generous privacy without any need for curtains.

Shower in style

All rooms of the house deserve adequate light, not least of all the bathroom. In just how many bathrooms have we all suffered, beset by next to zero natural light, view and ventilation? Turn your back on those inadequate rooms and transform your bathroom into a magnificent, radiant light haven with neat ceiling inclusion just like this pitched roof skylight. When such a unique space like this one can’t cater to a run of the mill window configuration, reach for the sky instead and let those glorious rays filter in from high on above.

Bathing in light

Without any windows, this gloriously comfortable and inviting bathroom would struggle to maintain the status no matter how spacious and bubbling the bathtub was. No room for windows? Make the move with your ceiling space and kill two birds with one stone—an immaculate natural light filled room, and a great view for you to kick back, lounge away in the tub and watch the clouds and the natural world fly by.

Sky’s the limit

Chaldon Road Modern living room by IQ Glass UK Modern
IQ Glass UK

Chaldon Road

IQ Glass UK

Here’s a real showstopper that will have your guests marvelling at how strikingly attractive your home truly is. When it comes to urban living, houses are often set right to edges of the block dimensions, leaving little to no room for window space. In these instances, consider supplanting traditional wall windows and sliding doors for a row of exquisite pitched ceiling feature skylights. Long and wide, this configuration effortlessly invites the natural world right into the hold of your lovely living room.

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