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Exposed timber ceiling inspiration

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In case you didn’t know, timber is such a delightfully versatile material. While most commonly incorporated in home design as flooring—whether polished, or stripped back for that rustic look—timber adds so much charm, warmth and character to a domestic space. But while it makes a fabulous flooring addition, limiting it to that use alone really undersells its capabilities. These days, more and more savvy interior designers have cottoned on to the beauty and versatility of timber and have begun to incorporate it inside as a feature material, weaving it around in various styles and fusing it with pre-existing and other materials such as concrete, marble and stone. One fabulous way to really show off a little timber and give your home a neat spark of unique attractiveness is by exposing it as part of your ceiling design. Whether it’s just a few railings or pitches, or indeed the whole ceiling itself, timber creates an unforgettable, charming appeal, as exemplified by these fantastic examples below. 

Take a flick through and expose timber for what it really is—an adaptable, stoic and adorable addition, great not just for the floor but the ceiling too.

Dark and deep

When we start talking about timber we instinctively gravitate towards rustic visions of light-styled wood grains and traditional finishes. We forget that timber can work as a fabulously dark material too, stealthy and deep to evoke all desired texture of wood grain with the complexity and intensity of a darker material. Expertly generated here, this darkened timber ceiling works wonders against the traditional wood selection of the flooring, blending neatly with the same-toned walls and white contrasting sections.

Apartment signature

While the designers in this example have gone for a more ‘untreated’ traditional wood finish for their ceiling, it’s likely they’ve simply worked with the pre-existing design and merely added a little varnish to protect and gloss this delightful period feature. Doesn’t it make a fabulous contrast against the stark white modern walls and minimalist decor? Vintage really meets and blends with sophistication in this apartment setup to create a vital room full of personality and invitation.

Crossbeam craftiness

Of course, there will always be instances where a fully exposed timber ceiling deck out will not be the most appropriate way of adding personality and charm to your interior setting or domestic spaces. As ever, the ‘less is more’ principle can be a guiding light in many cases. Most importantly, what you have to work with will likely depend on the pre-existing architectural foundations of your home. In this cute example, the pitched girders of the cottage ceiling are embraced and coated sea-sky blue to contrast the light vibrancy of the walls while neatly fusing with the lounge chairs and décor.

Pitched perfection

The beauty of timber as a ceiling feature is that there is often very little you need to add to it for it to really bring a burst of character to a living or sleeping space. Wood grain, both untouched and untreated, can easily hold is own and speak for itself— in this example, we see this working to full effect, the duel ceiling girders and horizontal lumber rods so neatly and simply exposed without the need for any additional treatment whatsoever.

The artful attic

Who says you have to settle for one style of timber in a given setting? Here is a glorious attic with so much magnetism and allure—sure, the burst of red in the form of this artful cabinet wall makes a statement, but it’s really the blend and fusion of timber and wood that rounds out this room’s appeal: multi-toned natural wood finish for the ceiling, and a traditional, classic finish for the floors.

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