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6 simple ways to install your television

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It’s often thought for good reason that gaudy, clunky electronics are mutually exclusive when it comes to creating domestic spaces with aesthetic integrity. After all, there’s nothing worse than decking out your best room with the finest timber, trim and paint and decor too, only to have the whole scene interrupted by a blaring, garish television screen or stereo setup. In this Internet age, where people are either logging in or tuning out altogether, televisions aren’t quite as ubiquitous as they once were—yet many still demand them as a domestic necessity. So, what to do? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, television has come a long way from those old boxy units with wire hangers protruding from them. In fact, today’s modern flat screen units can be so discreet so as to be completely unassuming in an interior design situation—so much so that they can actually complement, or even impress upon a space that might actually be lacking without it. Ultimately, the key here is integration. 

Have a flick through these fabulous examples of TV embeds and take a few tips on what might work best for your domestic space.

Flush and fantastic

A lot of the best modern TV lounge room integrations come from making the TV as flush and firm in the main entertainment wall as possible. Here, we see this working to full effect; the TV is literally part of the building itself—out of the way, not obstructing any flow, and making a neat statement with it’s side stereo speaker accompaniment, a fabulous addition to any lounge room, entertainment or living space.

Everything in its place

In this fantastically striking sea-toned lounge with checked-viridian rug, the TV is a true team player amidst wall accoutrements. Too often, a TV can sap the energy of a space by insisting on being the centre of attention. Here, it knows its place, embedded alongside bookshelves, ornaments, laptop work station and books, a part of the scene, yet far from dominant. Nicely achieved.

Fireplace phantasm

In the past you might find this domestic scene flipped—fireplace embedded in the wall perhaps, and the TV hogging up all the space in the middle of the lounge room. My how things have changed. Here, in this supremely gorgeous sophisticated domestic space, a generous-sized LED flat screen holds its post in the feature wall by the dining table, while a central fireplace ties everything together in the room’s centre, an aesthetic role-reversal. What comes of it is a neat energetic balance and a cosy though very modern and inviting design.

Stealthy blend

Here’s a great example of how your TV can actually become a crucial piece of décor in its own right. In this minimalist upstairs deck out, simplicity is king— by ensuring a choice of LED that refuses bells and whistles, a simple black thin line screen, you can effortlessly get away with positioning it front row centre. Instead of becoming a hindrance or room hog, it stands majestically at the centre of the room, working well with the stealth black leather art recliner and the deck chairs outside. With everything so reduced to basic components, functionality and form, this excellent choice of screen really ties the scene together.

The bedroom centrepiece

While traditional Feng Shui might have a bit to say about the perils of adding a large-scale TV (or any at all) to a domestic sleeping space, having a TV in the bedroom is still regarded as a neat luxury for many—here in this cosy bedroom space, a neat flat screen secretly embedded in a free standing clothes drawer creates a little spark and a central point of attention.

Bathroom delight

For some, jumping in the bath is a moment to remove yourself from all if your day to day distractions, especially the lure of technology. But still, there’s no denying the relaxing and enjoyable ‘tuning out’ properties of kicking back to a good movie or TV series. The designers have recognised that here with this gorgeous in-wall bathroom entertainment system to make the most of a solitary rejuvenation session deep in the suds.

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