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5 Colourful Living Rooms

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Maurizio Giovannoni Studio Scandinavian style living room
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A light neutral coloured living room is so passé. Gone are the days when subtle and understated were the only things that defined an elegant living room. A bright colourful living room, with the right balance of colours can be as beautiful and elegant as a cream coloured living room. So don't shy away from colours and bring home a whiff of spring, with these 5 colourful living room ideas.

Mediterranean intricacy

This living room has a intricate Mediterranean beauty to it. The purple rug on the wall has a beautiful intricate pattern on it and one of the white sofas and a throw pillow too is adorned with an ethnic print. A little drawer chest in a corner, adds another exotic element to this room. The sofas are low in height and remind one of the seating areas in tents. The colour palette of the room sticks to shades of purple, pink and white, making it colourful yet not jarring to the eyes. Check out the other rooms of this Mediterranean themed home.

Jungle lore

This bright and colourful living room with a jungle themed wall behind is ideal for those willing to go out of the safe zone and try something completely wild. The bright green angular sofa, colourful throw pillows, animal shaped white and yellow chairs and a bright purple and pink rug, all scream out the jungle lore theme of this living room. The red lamp on the side of the sofa and the big white light right above it light up the forest like beauty of this living room at night.

Rustic red and blue

The rustic grey wall and mirror behind are the only muted elements in this room designed by MERAL AKÇAY. Most of the other things in this room are in shades of red or blue. The sofa is bright blue, there are red and blue throw pillows, faded red and blue rugs, a rustic red storage unit and a red kettle and a blue vase on the coffee table. Even the painting behind has shades of red and blue. The only things things that break away from this rustic red and blue scheme is the orange top of the coffee table and the white vases and lamp.

Tropical delight

This living room reminds one of a a tropical riverside. The light olive green sofa with white throw pillows is alternated with a white sofa with a light olive green throw pillow. The curtains made of light cotton have a colourful floral pattern on them that heightens the breezy floral beauty of the room. A patterned chair and some more colourful decorative pillows add the final touches to make this living room look like a tropical delight.

Sun and shade

This yellow and green themed living room looks like a perfect balance of sun and shade. The bright yellow sofa contrasts well with the green rug and pillow. While the multicoloured carpet with predominant shades of green and yellow is tempered by the white walls, ceiling and showcase . The floor of this living room has a meadow like feel where the sunny sofa blooms in all its glory.

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