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5 simple bunk bed ideas

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A bunk bed is a dream for many siblings. It brings to mind two kids sharing a cosy corner of a room, doubling it up as anything from their fantasy castle to multi level space ship. But these days bunk beds are more than just a beautiful play thing for kids, it has increasingly become a necessity for people living in small houses with major space crunch. Teens and sometimes even adults are being forced to share space in a bunk bed. So here are 5 kinds of bunk bed ideas for 5 kinds of age groups.

Pre Teens neat bunk

This neat bunk bed is ideal for pre-teens who don't want anything overtly kiddish. This bunk bed has a clean, modern feel to it, while it's still colourful enough for a 11 or 12 year old. Functionality wise too the cupboard and drawers below the beds make optimal use of limited space. The white metal stairs leading up to the second tier have a train like feel to it and retains an element of fun. Colourful bedding and posters by the bedside can liven up this bunk bed in any neutral room.

Little kids dream home

This white picket bunk bed designed like a house by CUCKOOLAND is every little kid's dream home. Made of solid wood and painted white, this bunk bed is gender neutral and will stand out particularly well in a room with dark walls and ceiling. Light coloured bedding and a small white table and vase can reinforce the white theme of this bunk bed. The stairs leading to the upper level are bit risky, but that can be altered to suit the height of the child.

Child's tree house

For children who are a little older but not yet pre-teen, this tree house bunk bed is the ideal choice. The colourful drawings on the white background of the bed and stairs, and the colourful bedding make this a fun bunk bed for any child. The rustic fences on the side of the bunk beds, stairs and on the canopy give this bunk bed the feel of a tree house in a jungle. This adventurous bunk bed is also functional as there is ample storage beneath the safe boxed stairs. This tree house bunk bed with a slide is another great option for two adventurous young kids.

Minimal Teenagers

For teenagers who are not wild and just want a serene corner to themselves, this minimal white bunk bed is perfect. With a simple rectangular wooden frame and square white stairs, this bunk bed is basic yet beautiful. A wooden ledge on the top tier of the bunk bed, cream coloured drawers at the bottom and a background wall of the same colour behind, highlights the muted beauty of this bunk bed. White walls, ceiling, desk and chair, all pair well with this bunk bed to create a minimal modern haven for a teenager.

Practically Adult

This compact wooden bunk bed carved into a cupboard is suited for practical young adults living in a tiny home. This bunk bed may not be much to look at, but its simplicity and functionality is ideal for kids who are almost adult enough to pick practicality over flashy waste of space. Simple light printed bedding, a basic white metal stair leading up to the upper bunk bed and some lights fixed into the bunks for late night reading make this an ideal pick for two realistic adults.

For those who have the space, here are some creative play areas for kids.

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