Transform your Room Using Nothing but Textiles

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Impressive contemporary style, Premdas Krishna Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
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Wondering what's new in the world of designs? It's textile decor. Textiles are loved because they offer infinite opportunities and decoration possibilities in all kinds of rooms and halls. While upholstery is a usual and good place to start up, the world of textiles is much broader and bigger than that. Get rid of those decor ideas that keep on teaching you how to align furniture, arrange your paintings, color the walls and others and look at this refreshing new concept of home decoration with textiles. The best part is that you won't need to burn your pockets to implement it at your home. 

Let us start our tour to the exotic world of textiles and know how they can utilized at their best with 

Enriching Texture

handcrafted sensibility draped on the swing and cushions look gorgeous in this entertainment room. The major shades are matching to that of walls while the hint of dull red patches comes out as a contrast to the rest of the decor. 

Dark + Blocks

Keep the upholstery simple and uncovered and use block printed dark colored cushion in a white bright room to get the right look. Switch from surrounding and enjoy your personal time with these simple and easy to find designed cushion covers. 

Colorful Floral Pattern

Magenta Color Velvet Floral Design Diwan Set Jaipur Fabric Asian style living room Cotton Red Accessories & decoration
Jaipur Fabric

Magenta Color Velvet Floral Design Diwan Set

Jaipur Fabric

The diwan style setting with an array of cushion and round pillows will definitely lend a royal, palace-like feel. Keep the room empty and sans any furniture piece near the diwan and let the area look well furnished and open. Relax, sleep, sit and enjoy TV while cosying up in this special corner of the house. 

The Classic Rug

Bamboo silk Rug Classic Rugs Floors Carpets & rugs
Classic Rugs

Bamboo silk Rug

Classic Rugs

The simplicity emitting from this non-color and texture creates a calming feel while introducing design in your home in a subtle, sophisticated way. White is, no doubt, the color of the year for all kinds of home and sections. 

Energizing Shades

Loribuft Rug Classic Rugs Floors Carpets & rugs
Classic Rugs

Loribuft Rug

Classic Rugs

Maroon, Red and Orange shades are always welcomed as they successfully manage to create energizing aura within the room they are being used. This room shows you how matching sofa covers and carpets can elaborate the entire old wood constructed area. Do not forget to check out the background curtains in the same shade. 

Animal-istic Bathroom Rugs

​KU-271-BM (100% super-soft cotton tufted bathmats) Kansal Udyog Asian style bathroom Bathtubs & showers
Kansal Udyog

​KU-271-BM (100% super-soft cotton tufted bathmats)

Kansal Udyog

Thought that bathroom rugs are made with simple lines and box patterns? Check out these nourishing elements in different colors that look modern and very chic for your bathroom. The different colors in the same designs give you the option to buy plenty of them at once and use the once that matches your mood.

Neat Lines for Neat Rooms

If your home flooring has longitudinal lines or wooden bricks designs all over then try placing a mat like this which is lightweight, easy to clean and maintain and minimal in design and colors. Though the mat does not has any trendy or exclusive design, yet it is going well with the floor design and the cream light colored chairs. 

Rajasthani Artistic Print on the Royal Seating

Solid oak library with Knowle settees, & writing desk Stuart Interiors Classic style study/office Solid Wood Brown
Stuart Interiors

Solid oak library with Knowle settees, & writing desk

Stuart Interiors

While we are used to watching our sofas, couches and beds covered and draped with plain or printed bedsheets and textiles, this Rajasthani art textile design over the sofa looks like a brilliant inspiration for those home or sections where the walls and another decor are usual. Nail this design by using it in an area that is not embellished with wallpapers or too much of wall decors. 

Peppy Colors and Button Art

Prestigious Textiles - Brushstrokes Fabric Collection Curtains Made Simple Modern living room
Curtains Made Simple

Prestigious Textiles—Brushstrokes Fabric Collection

Curtains Made Simple

Try your hands on DIY project and buy some plain textiles in white and other colors. Use block prints to create rugs, carpets or even wall paintings on textiles. Yes, you can hand textile on walls by getting it framed. They look beautiful and your efforts will definitely show up once they are put up on display.

Peacock Pattern

India has long been fascinated by the peacock pattern and they are being adored in all its forms like show pieces, wall designs, paint colors, tattoo and on bed and pillows. Find a blue, green and maroon colored bedsheet, something like this, and use it in a room that is low on decor factor. White walls look complementary with such designs. 

Handful of Colors

Prestigious Textiles - Diva Fabric Collection Curtains Made Simple Modern living room
Curtains Made Simple

Prestigious Textiles—Diva Fabric Collection

Curtains Made Simple

Check out this artistic sample that shows how beautifully textiles can help to create a studio kind of look in an open space. The designer has used the same colors and prints of material on the cushion, pillow as well as folding curtains on windows. 

The Velvet Shine

Having a large sized room comes with the problem and dilemma of choosing the right material for decoration, flooring as well as accessories. While the wall decors are an evergreen hit for homes, you can do this other way round. Keep the walls well lit and put in a large sized couch with velvet shine, enriching textured cushions over it, a large matching mat on the floor. It's all you need to imitate this gorgeous room.

Zebra Touch Designs

A zebra inspired design is not just for the crossing on the road but it can be bought to home and believe us, you will love the way they enliven the area. Black and white just never goes out of fashion.

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Pleated Curtains

Using lightweight, sheer kind of textiles, you can redefine the curtains of your rooms by getting them stitched and designed by a professional. Use two level curtains to get the much-needed privacy in the bedroom, and whenever you feel like, wrap the outer layer and tie them on the corners. It looks glorious. 

Zebra Inspired Home is a dream come true!

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