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18 Ways To Make White Shine In Your House

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White is one of the most underrated colours there is out there. It’s incredible what pasty hues of white can do to your room. Here at homify, we’ve wrapped up some of the best.

1. A Cloudy Affair

A dreamy bedroom with the touch of grace is just around the corner if one keeps in mind that toning down on colours has a greater effect than does toning it up. An all-white theme has a soft unique touch to it that is within one’s grasp. A vibe of serenity and divinity ascends as you transcend through this beautiful bedroom. The furniture is restricted to a charcoal brown colour with the bare minimum being far too much.

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2. For a Noble Cause?

The majestic grandeur and simplicity of this bedroom is what makes it a head turner. The palate of colours seems to have run dry, sparing white and ivory. Nonetheless, the bedroom manages to shine through the light. An impressive wardrobe with an artistically carved mirror captures the essence of the room, reflecting it back to every nook and cranny of this masterclass bedroom creating an aura of opulence.

3. Crafty

This is the classic tale of an all-white ensemble taken to the next level with something as simple as white beams. The beauty in architecture is that it’s the tiniest of all details that makes the biggest impact. The beams on the ceiling create a very modern three dimensional effect. It again boils down to detail as the stairway is perfectly parallel to the overhead beam.

4. The All Rounder

Open bedrooms are a dominating force in the keeping-up-with-the-times industry, or so it would seem. Hero the brilliance of white and the brilliance that a circular theme can bring upon. The night sky seems to fit right into the gaps, making it truly, the missing piece to the puzzle. The ceiling lamp alongside the decor of the open room complete it in ways indescribable by common folk.

5. The Silver Lining

By now it would be evident that the minimalist approach is seemingly one that has been maximized in every possible aspect of design. When you are rendered with the choice of brighter hues or bolder subtler ones, tipping against the brighter side might not be all that bad. This bedroom plays very well with the idea of silver and white. The silver hue isn’t used a lot, but wherever it is, it manages to dazzle through stealing glances each time.

6. Cradled in Love

KORA, Marble’s lightness, Kreoo Kreoo Modern bathroom Marble White Bathtubs & showers

The bathroom is often one of those areas that are overlooked in the blink of an eye. Rope in the aura of serenity with these simple marble pieces. The board can also be added in as the grey ombre shades of it create a rather alluring appeal. The marble pieces come with a finesse that is beyond computable by the human eye. It’s stunning and simple at the same time making it truly a masterpiece.

7. Embracing the White

This kitchen slab takes up a considerable amount of space and what it essentially does is reflect the light from the roof window onto the rest of the kitchen. Kitchens that come in hues of white are often rare, so if upping the ante is prime on your to do list then this is a must try. The brilliance of white has not been exploited just as yet, and this very element can work to your advantage.

8. Say it with Quartz

A bathroom sink made with quartz add stunning accents to the room. The natural gemstone accentuates the opulence and grandeur of the room by its presence alone. It has a very stylish and contemporary feel to it that is rather rare to find. The tall pillars of the sink, sit graciously as the silently steal the show. Leave unto the quartz what you cannot say about the bathroom!

9. Bird’s Eye View

The table top and the walls are spotlessly white. This is what the highlight of this room really is. The lights hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen also keep in mind the theme of the kitchen and give it the edge that it needs. The kitchen is truly a testament to what the minimalist approach has to offer in terms of diversity.

10. Flushed with White

This hallway looks like the byproduct of what an overcoat of paint drawn over the entire area would look like. The stairway and the decor are painted in a dazzling hue of white. If ever you wanted to sneak a peek into heaven, we’re assuming it’s going to look a lot like this. If there were a way to make a fall from grace sound like a good thing, this would be the testament to that!

11. Of the White Kind

A sitting area that draws you in with promises of an escape into a lost land is what comfort is all about really. Positioned at a location that grants you a view of the great outdoors, your television shows just found something that could actually give them a run for their money! The beautiful red rug at the centre adds on to the elegance of this excellently planned room. Keep it minimum, but keep it fabulous at the same time.

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12. An Ice Sketch?!

One ingenious slab of glass creates the illusion of an ice sketch. This is an idea that is bound to make any room look beautiful without a doubt. The sketches are very craftily created giving you a three dimensional vibe off it. Silver, black and white- the dynamic trio are here to stay and this slab is proof of that!

13. The White Shelf

Maybe the white shelf isn’t for the white collar folk, but it does fairly well in being a must need for every home library. The touch of class that the pastiness of the white adds to the shelf is undeniably one of the best we’ve seen so far. Couple this shelf with a brighter coloured rug and you will find yourself in the midst of a complete room.

14. A Change of Heart

A white cubical, that isn’t investigation room like in anyway, is simply the best isn’t it? What’s stunning about this room is that there is no contrast, there is no play with colours and there’s pretty much just one piece in it. Having said that, the table isn’t the focal point of the room. It’s the etched heart in the backdrop, that for sheer lack of words, steal our hearts!

15. Plain ol’ white

This bedroom is comforting in all its simplicity.The Simple Simon approach does have its perks. Right from the decor to the king sized bed, the pasty white hues are captured and drawn off all their essence. To elevate the overall vibe of the room, the blue hues create a very alluring, calming one.

16. It’s Black or White

Back to the start, back to the basics and undoubtedly, back to the best. The perfect companion to our hero of the hour, white has to be the dark horse- the black hue! Colours may fail you, colours may miss capturing the true essence of a room- but that’s something this dynamic duo can never do. The white head board and the glass entrance door is just something that is so simple, but is often the one thing that slips our mind every single time.

17. Swing from the Chandelier?

Casa Privata, ANG42 ANG42 Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

First off, the white corridor, yes- it deserves a round of applause. But that’s hardly the highlight here! It is that chandelier at the top that really lures you in by its existence. The pedestal to the overall look of the room is that charred wooden flooring. Oh the grandeur!

18. The Crystal Kitchen

This minimalist kitchen is a take on crystals and it captures it beautifully. A cosy little kitchen nestled away in the corner of the house is simply the best.

Looks like it’s time to shine some light on white after all!

Here are18 ways to make white shine In your House. Try them and share your comments below.

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