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8 different ways to have TV in living room

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Arranging TV screen in homes is one of the greatest interior design challenges one can face. It is not practically possible to make an entire room, exclusively devoted to watching TV alone.Our rooms have to perform multiple duties for us nowadays. Placement in such cases seems tricky!

Gone are the days when our homes used to have a big sized, bulky, monitor kind of TV which was placed on the top of the table within a room. Times have changed and so have the TVs. They have gone sleek and become flat screens that are no more eyesores. Today, we have brought to you some creative and odd placement to arrange televisions within your home so that it looks a little more than just an entertainment source. These arrangements are easy to follow and will work perfectly for all size and kinds of home. Get them here:

Picture Perfect

Your screen need not be the most prominent piece on the wall, even if it is a branded large screen. Trendy mounting a line of shelves on the same wall above and below the screen and fill them up with trip memories, antiques, trip mementos, family photos, sculptures, or anything worth showcasing to others besides the entertainment screen- called as Idiot Box. 

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In the corner

One of the most unlikely places to arrange and place your TV screen is in the corner of any room or hallway. We usually play it safe when it comes to furniture and television and try to keep them at the central location of the room. However, with this set of wooden furniture and TV screen placed aptly on the lowest level of the setting looks like it has been specially made for it. 

Over Fresh Frames on Wall

Most of the telivisions are usually placed at the focal point in family rooms or living rooms. You can try mounting your television over designed wall frames like this and give it a touch of class to it. The paint coating in the background is elaborating and brightening up the black screen during its off hours. The dim lights behind the frames are highlighting the wall distinctly in the room.

Eclectic Mix

If your TV screen is just one of those many things you had liked to look on the wall then why not add a whole lot of round art pieces and showcase around it. Mount shallow shelves and decorate it with art pieces, plants and funky decors over it. And then add on your TV screen as if the rectangle screen is just another shape you had like to fit into the mix of lines, circles and squares in the background, just like the planner here have did it. 

In front of the Sofa

The most obvious place to mount your TV screen is in front of the sofa or bed so that you can watch it whenever you are free or resting or vice versa. Keep the entire wall free of decor and keep the focal point on the screen. Keep the height of the TV in balance to the sofa height.  

Classic Built In

If you don't want house television to dominate the entire living room then consider incorporating it within a classic wall of built in shelving like this one. This sideline design is allowing both the TV as well as the shelves to take the front and center. The round couch in such swanky color is contrasting and complementing the room. Even if you want to upgrade the size of the TV, this space will accomodate it without any adjustment. 

The Dark Setting

Dark colored wall with hints of grey and silver lines and a low lying TV screen complete this look. The underutilized area of the room has been used to place the TV while the prime areas have been saved for painting, artwork, and decoration on the wall. You can add books, CD, remote or other relevant stuff on the desk right below the screen.

Hide the details

When you are mounting or placing your television on a plain wall like this, remember that you will need to hide the connection wires and other USB wires as well as require some vacant space to place your set top box, CDs, Remote of the TV as well as the box, DVD player or gaming console. With a simple wall design of light colors in background, you can place a simple shelf on side to keep these things handy and approachable. 

I will go for the Picture Perfect. What you liked most?
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