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The homes designed for elderly are nothing like those regular houses. Such spaces take into account factors like no unevenness in the living area, good natural as well as artificial lights, sufficient amplitude, and open area. Depicting the same, we have brought you home that poses a perfect example on this subject. The house has three design volumes that are linked by wooden ceiling and houses 2 gardens and a separate private area for living. Let's have a look there:

The front facade: 2 storey house with ground floor retained for the owner

A simple facade in this house which has been covered using stones on the outer wall. The white color looks contrasting against the window frames that are dark in color. Forged bars have also been implemented to add an important element to the door. The handcrafted details in design look really nice and neatly done.

Open Courtyard complemented by easy to open Sliding Door

While the glass door here provides a room to communicate from the inner courtyard to outside, the natural lights along with sufficient artificial warm lights create a beautiful effect. To prevent access of sunlight, blinds and louvers are also present. The orientation of the ground is an important factor. You need to think while creating an open courtyard as if you are having a higher incidence of sun or natural light inside, you will require some temporary covering to balance the same. 

The louvers allowing free passage of light and open space

Even if the louvers and blinds are on, the house hosts a free passage of light inside so as to provide an open space for the elderly couple to walk and move. The use of lattices provides a good response to the climate factor and also enable control lighting within internal spaces. 

Thoughtful decor with Cozy and Comfortable Atmosphere

Again rustic walls paired alongside the latticework- two different material and design within the same room. Be thoughtful and don't restrict your creativity assuming that you have to place ordinary materials like handmade walls, wood floors, stone etc just because they are tried and tested choice for falling nicely on modern design and area. Sometimes, as we say, opposite attracts. 

Comfortable and Spacious rooms so that grandparents can enjoy and relax at home

Look at this room, the colors chosen are soft shades of blue along with the different types of textiles that range from white to purple and cream. This furniture appears welcoming to rest on them. Since it is an area designed for elders, it essentially needs to be comfortable, having plenty of area of transit. The room must be having lots of clarity offered by window to help with chores like reading, playing cards, knitting or even finding something.

Geometrical U shaped Kitchen

Brightly lit, this functional U-shaped kitchen is the base unit for what is needed to serve the lunch and dinner in the dining room, which is located in close proximity to the cooking area. To create a perfect cooking solution that will be a paradise for the inhabitants, practice a good sized, well lit and clear course of area. 

Attention to Details

The glass doors seem to be the favorite for the designer as they have been used at most of the places. The blinds in the glass doors shift the sun during the peak hours of sun play thus, allowing the house to conserve the internal cool weather. 

Wider Staircase to support while climbing without any slips or falls

Here you can clearly see in details how the stairs have been designed in a wider area with plenty of lights and handrails to help and support while the elderly individuals are climbing upstairs. While they are living on the ground floor, yet the possibility of using other areas are also there. The width and height of the stairs is neither too large, nor too small.

Nice and Cozy courtyard for naps and rest

The courtyard came out to be one of the most delighting and favorite part for us as it is a combination of craftsmanship which appears in the building of floor and wall of clay bricks. The iron chair too is sturdy and works for all weather asking for no displacement. The swing looks perfect with a splash of colors. An afternoon rest time with coffee or tea in one hand and book in another hand would be a perfect scene at this site. You can take a nap on this woven hammock while getting fresh air from plants. 

A modern bathroom- no matter what age you are, bathroom must be blingy

The colors and design of this bathroom is not what you had expected it to be, do you? A cheerful sample showing what all can be done with colorful tiles to cover walls and a modern superimposed small sink alongside. A bathroom that leaves behind the neutral and the gray, this personified and joyful combination lends movement to space.

For more ideas on bathroom designs, we trust you will like to read this.

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