An Apartment in Mumbai to Die for

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Join us on this tour today to explore an exceptionally fashionable apartment located in Mumbai. This home tour features the latest trends in interior design and home decor, so don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to keep your home updated. The architects, Nex LVL Designs have put in a tremendous amount of effort to tastefully design the apartment according to the client's requests, personality, and interests. You will see examples of how our experts customized the design to fit the client's interests later. Watch out for the mini bar and the wine collection display! 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through the tour of this beautifully designed apartment. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback at the end. Now, let's have a look at this apartment to die for in Mumbai shall we?  

Purple kitchen

Purple is a wonderful colour which is used too little. Kitchens especially seem to always lack colour. So here's a lovely deep purple idea for your kitchen! However, purple is not the only colour that stands out in this modern kitchen, there's also the nice calming blue that covers some parts of the kitchen wall. The large glass panels which make the kitchen a brighter space also enhance the use of colour in this kitchen to make the whole room lively. 

Trendy furnishings and decor

One of the main highlights of this project is definitely the trendy furnishings and decor. It makes the home look modern, cool, and stylish. The spacious living room pictured here has a grey and orange colour scheme for the furniture, while the overall design is kept simple and elegant with wooden wall cladding and soft lighting. Next, let's take a look at this room from a different angle. 

A different angle

From this angle we can see just how big the room really is. As you can see, the walls and the ceiling are rather plain, but the floor is screaming for attention with its bold geometrical pattern in black combined with wooden parquet and shiny white tiles. Notice how the glass coffee table sits right in the middle of the white triangle while the l-shaped couch follows the symmetry of the patterns on the floor? Yes, this is truly calculated quality design. 

Futuristic bedroom design

Although this bedroom still looks like its from this day and age, some aspects of it look quite futuristic, such as the coloured LED lights making patterns on the walls and ceiling. The sleeping area is reminiscent of a futuristic capsule, tastefully segregated from the rest of the room by wall paneling in earthy shades. 

Classy dining area

For a classy dining area, we highly recommend sticking to a strict colour scheme of grey, black, and white. This is the easiest way to achieve a sophisticated look. Proper lighting helps too.

One thing we absolutely love about this dining area is how the fabric blinds camouflage with the black walls to hide the window and then make it magically appear again! 

Mini bar

The glam chic corner here dressed in black and white is home to a mini bar and a brilliant view of the Mumbai city skyline. The sleek bar has a space-saving storage solution which is also really convenient as it is easy to reach the bottles. Even the decorative glass panel on the wall actually serves the purpose of storing wine bottles. 

For more inspiration, have a look at mini bar designs here on homify

Wine collection display

As you might have guessed already, the clients are avid wine collectors, and they like to display their collection. The shiny golden coloured installment seen here is an elegant way of displaying a wine collection, and it doesn't take up too much space either, as it utilizes vertical space. 

Bedroom with a view

The design of this bedroom is very fashionable with a subtle ethnic touch evident from the textiles used, and a harmonious combination of warm and cool colours. As if the interior design of this bedroom is not enough to melt our hearts, it is blessed with a splendid view of the city skyline as well. Next, let's take a look at this bedroom from another angle. 

Unusual walls

From this angle, we can see that the bedroom has rather unusual walls. However, the white tiled walls in this corner of the bedroom impart a clean, minimalist look which suits the overall design of the apartment. 

Bedroom with unisex design

Finally, we end the tour with this bedroom. The monochromatic colour scheme employed in this bedroom married with the minimalist style results in a unisex design which can be appealing to various age groups. Overall, this bedroom has a very versatile design, which is practical in the long-run.

We hope you've been inspired by this home tour. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at a traditional home with modern comforts

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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