An elegant apartment in Spain—home at first sight!

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65sqm Appartment, MADG Architect MADG Architect Modern kitchen
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This elegant 65 square meter apartment designed by MADG Architect based in Bilbao, Spain is a home to fall in love with. In fact, we are not sure if it was home at first sight or love at first sight. Maybe you can help us decide after we take you on a magical mystery tour of this lovely apartment. 

The contemporary look of this apartment expresses a minimalist design which emphasizes clean, straight lines. Like most modernist designs, this apartment is uncluttered with minimal decorations and furniture, making it simple yet elegant. 

Let's take a walk through this one bedroom apartment and see if we find home, love, or both! 

Home at first sight

As we enter the apartment, we are greeted by a contemporary living room with smooth parquet wood floors, carefully selected accents, and minimal ornamentation. The light grey accent wall with a large mirror lighted up by spotlights on the ceiling is the focal point of this living room. The abundance of bright lighting in this living room makes it shine with beauty and life, while the low ceiling gives the apartment a cozy feel. Natural light is enhanced through the use of a large window with white slatted blinds. 

This elegant apartment in Spain is home at first sight—or is it love? 

A balanced and harmonious living room

Just as the objective of living things is to achieve balance and harmony, so is the main goal of interior design. Let's take a look at how this beautiful apartment manages to achieve balance and harmony in its design. 

In the dining area, we can see that the gentle curves of the white dining chairs compliment the matching round dining table, while a bright pendant lamp illuminates the space. Overall, the curved lines from the dining area add an interesting contrast to the clean, straight lines dominating this modern apartment. Mixing straight lines with curved lines gives the apartment a well balanced feel, and also an interesting contrast. 

Balance and contrast are also mirrored in the choice of color. For example, the black vase in the middle of the dining table and the dark grey sofa in an otherwise mostly white room. Balance and harmony are created through mirroring and contrast in this modern design. 

A partitioned kitchen

The dining area lies adjacent to the partitioned kitchen on one side, to the entryway on the other side, and to the living area on one side. This makes the dining area take center stage in this rather small apartment, which is usually the norm in modern living. 

We love that the kitchen can be separated from the rest of the apartment with its tinted glass sliding doors. This is a huge relief as it means that the mess in the kitchen can be hidden from being seen in the living room! Also, the mouth-watering aroma of cooking food doesn't have to invade the living room, and the kitchen still holds its element of mystery. 

Now, shall we see what this mysterious kitchen has in store for us?

Elegant monochrome kitchen

This elegant monochrome kitchen is an island of calm. The bright white to subtle cream color of the kitchen not only makes it the dream kitchen of many people, but also makes it look more spacious, while giving it a relaxed atmosphere. A simple yet elegant finishing touch is added to the kitchen with sleek shiny white cabinets and counter tops. 

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A quaint bedroom

It's not surprising that this lovely apartment holds such a quaint bedroom. The light grey accent wall from the living room is repeated in this bedroom, making it seem like a flawless extension of the living room and creating a seamless flow throughout the apartment. 

The sheer white pleated curtains enhance the natural light from the large window, and give the room a serene, elegant ambiance. Like the rest of the apartment, this bedroom is also dominated by white and cream colors. 

Finally, at the end of our tour of this lovely apartment, is the bathroom. Let's take a peek shall we? 

An earthy bathroom

The earthy hues of this bathroom give it a natural feel, quite apt for receiving the calls of nature! Although the bathroom is rather small, it efficiently maximizes space with its built-in shelving. 

We hope you've enjoyed the tour of this elegant apartment in Spain. For more inspiration, have a look at a home with a charming soul

What did you like most about this elegant apartment in Spain? Let us know in your comments below. 

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