8 kitchens with shelves to totally copy!

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Have your ever felt that your kitchen is a mess just because you are not putting things in place? If your answer is Yes, then this guide will be the perfect help for you. Get set ready with your ledges and start getting things in order as you desire and make your kitchen look spectacular. Today, we have brought to you 8 inspirational shelf designs for your kitchen that are elegant and save the kitchen from the mess. Lets have a look at them…

Hanging Racks

Not having any more space on the walls? Why not try something as exotic and new as this! A hanging rack stacked against the walls at the door. This style is good for low space kitchen area. You can use a different width of racks depending upon the requirements and free space you have.

Herby Racks

Herbs are an essential part of the kitchen, especially for those who love eating fresh and healthy. You can setup steep and long open racks at the entrance of the cooking area. Hang some lights and take proper care that sunlight and fresh air is available wherever you set up that shelf. 

Illuminati Racks

Sometimes, we don;t have a lot of room for our kitchen but a lot of mess requires you to set up a rack within the kitchen area. Incorporate some sleek low hanging open shelves with lights to create a spacious look while storing everything in between, without blocking your way and vision.

Duo- Level Racks for Frequently Used Products

For the frequently used utensils, boxes and spices, it is best to keep a handy and easy to reach rack placed right above or very near to the gas stove or burner. You can keep salt, spices and other handy items and also place some show pieces on the top shelf. Keep the height of the racks as per your convenience. You can also seek help from kitchen planners if you are unsure of measurements. 

Glass made Racks

No matter if your kitchen is large, medium, small or tiny, what matters is a good style with functionality and tranquility for us. This glass made deep rack can store everything of your need within a small space. Keep the less used items behind those you will need every now and then.

Crockery Shelves

Instead of storing your fragile crockery material into the drawers or cabinets, it's better to get a separate shelf made for the same. There will be no disturbance, no breaks, no slipping and no losses. It will also act as a decorative corner for you. 

Small Racks that maintain harmony

Small and shallow wooden racks all over the kitchen to keep different things on their place. Keep the designs and patterns in sync to the theme of the kitchen. For instance, the wooden made racks are complementary to the base of the countertop and the benches. 

Multipurpose Racks

It is crucial to have a multipurpose rack in your kitchen that has multiple levels for storage. Place the non-essential items on the top, the essential commodities in between and hand the cups, knives and forks on the hooks at the lowest level. Gorgeous, aren't they?

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Which one you had love to adopt? 

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