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9 Flexible Living Room Solutions

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In small homes, living rooms serve multiple purposes and that is why it is important to build this space with a little consideration. For a home where space is scarce, it is crucial to put a layout that is suitable for all your needs. Proceed with this write-up in order to discover the charm of creating a flexible living area.

​1.Hidden home theater

How about hiding the home theater when don’t need it? That’s a great idea and designers of this house kept it in mind. The home theater in this living area scrolls up when not in use and during the show time, it gives a real picture. The armchairs can also be shifted according to the requirement, making things much easier.

2.Modern Layout

If your living space is open, then this layout will be perfect for your house. Place a small table and sofa in the middle of the room and hang a TV. The contemporary shelves beside the television help you store the essentials in one place. You  can add in more furniture if required, if the space is enough for a proper setting. The candle stands and curtains go well with the ceiling the floor.

3.Raise it Up

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The small living space here stands alongside the kitchen. The raised space of the interior makes enough space beneath for the storage. Even a cupboard is fitted on the side of it to store the daily essential. The risen rack there serves as a place for daily breakfast and lunch. Place  the furniture of your choice in this area or you can even for a comfortable cushion as they are easy to transfer.

4.​Rolling furniture

For a small space that you want to use for various reasons, it is important to control the menace. The most suitable roles in these areas are played by furniture that is movable. As an example of the movable furniture come the rolling sitting spaces. These home additions can be added and removed as per your requirement and that makes the small space utterly flexible. The same goes with center tables and TV stands, you can play the same tricks with these home additions.

5.Hidden Space

A small sitting area covered with sliders hide this place from the entire house. Whether you want to lie down in peace or enjoy some personal time, this place will serve the purpose. The interior also gives enough space for family time where you can chit chat and enjoy a movie. The warm hues and special lightening give a classic effect to the room.


Instead of opting for the big side arm sofas, go for the flat ones like this image. The advantage here is you can convert it into daybeds on the arrival of guests.

7.Flexi Furniture

The most important part of creating a flexible living space is adding furniture that doesn't always stick to a place. There are times when you want these little home essentials to be tucked away and at such time, portable home additions work the best. The modular sofa unit shown here can be represented and arranged in the same way you want. It’s really not going to be much hassle for you.

8.Hang it Up

For places where you don’t really want to place sofas or any sort of chair, these hanging home accessories are counted the best. Saving a lot of space, such arrangement gives you room for placing other important things. It can be plants, TV, or a music system, or other accessories. Hang out there for reading your favorite novels or sip a coffee while enjoying the outdoor views.

9.​Seat by the Fireplace

The flexible wooden arrangement alongside the fireplace is just an epic choice to have in your living room. Adjust it according to your requirement, plus, you can even have chairs around it.

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Which ones of these flexible living room ideas is your favourite?

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