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15 Amazing small pools that fit in any house

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A swimming pool or plunge pool is considered a luxury in India and is hence usually a part of large mansions. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t scale it down to fit into a smaller yard, rooftop or even indoor area. There is a certain charm that a swimming pool adds to a home, whether it’s for cooling off during the summer months or just sitting beside it and sipping a drink.

Take a look at these 15 small pool designs, and you might be tempted to get one for your home.

​Outdoor relaxation

With a sunken bench and massage jets, this circular pool provides a dreamy way to relax in the outdoors. It’s cosily set in a corner of the garden with greenery all around.

​Sunken in

Set on the rooftop of a modern apartment, this small wading pool is more for fun than serious swimming. It’s a perfect setting for a pool party as you can dip your feet in the water and gaze at the view of the harbour.

​Outdoor art

In an artistic home that is awash with colour, the irregular shaped plunge pool adjoining the veranda is the perfect accessory for outdoor entertainment.

​Exercise arena

A narrow and long lap pool is ideal for a small home that lacks the space for a full-sized version. It works well for a fitness enthusiast who likes to start the day with a few laps in the water.

​Mediterranean splash

This covered pool is too small for exercise, but it’s sheltered from the harsh sunlight, making it a good place to cool off when the temperature rises. The design uses natural light for some lovely play of shadow and reflection from the surrounding walls.

​Roman bath

Set on a raised deck made from wood-plastic composite, this Roman style pool is small enough to fit on a rooftop or balcony.

​Backyard play

In a home with a backyard, a small rectangular pool is an easy option for keeping the kids entertained during summer. During the remainder of the year, it can serve as a pretty backdrop for barbeques.

​Subterranean swim

With clever design, you can incorporate a small pool in the basement of a house. While it might not be bright enough for a pool party, by installing of temperature control, you can use it in all seasons.

​Indoor beauty

A temperature controlled pool, with a view of the garden area, adds sparkle to any home. It can work well for swimming as well as lounging indoors away from the natural elements.

​Tropical bliss

In a home by the beach in the tropics, a small outdoor pool on the terrace or garden with a view of the lush greenery or the ocean will make you feel like you are on a permanent vacation.

​Spa therapy

A tiny pool with hot tub jets can be sunken into a raised area in abathroom or on a balcony to provide an area for therapeutic relaxation after abusy day at work.

​Simple elegance

In a home constructed using natural materials, a simple straight-lined pool with natural stone deck flooring and a skylight, is an option that doesn’t deviate too far from the overall theme.

​Turquoise in the garden

In a modern home with a casual style, a small square pool in the corner of the garden provides a place to cool off under the shade of the trees. At night, when the pool lights turn on, it transforms into a beautiful turquoise outdoor accessory.

​Gift of nature

For a home set in an unspoiled rural area, a small outdoor pool under the tree canopy and enclosed by greenery is the perfect way to relax in the midst of nature.

​Fountain under the stairway

In this home, which has a multi-level terrace, the small pool with a wall fountain lies beneath the iron staircase leading to the higher level.

Are you tempted? If you want some ideas for sprucing up your swimming pool, visit this ideabook.

What to consider before installing small swimming pools

While it might be your dream to have a house with a pool, in a small home where space is limited, it can prove to be a challenge. It is essential to identify an area that doesn’t interfere with the floor space of other significant rooms such as the living room or dining room. Even if you want the small pool in the garden, you should evaluate whether there is enough area for people to navigate around it to access other parts of the open space.

The best way to design a house with swimming pool

While it is not uncommon to incorporate a swimming pool in house designs, even in small homes, it makes sense to plan the size and shape of small pools so that they work in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Consulting a professional is advisable to ensure that you get a design that works.

Which is your favourite small pool among these? Respond in the comments.

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