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5 bathroom shelving ideas

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Many people struggle to keep their bathrooms clutter free, however adequate and efficient bathroom shelving can help solve this problem.This ideabook features a variety of different bathroom shelving ideas such as corner bathroom shelving for the shower, space efficient bathroom shelving for the shower, stylish bathrooms shelves for the sink area, and shelving for the bathtub.  

Let's browse through these bathroom shelving ideas to give us a little push towards a neater and more comfortable bathroom. 

Shelving for the bathtub

Wouldn't it be nice to soak in the bathtub while having a glass of wine and reading a book? This shelving for the bathtub makes activities like those convenient. Carved out spaces on this rustic wooden shelf ensure that glasses and candles stay in place, and it even has a special place to hang a towel. 

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Corner bathroom shelving for the shower

Bathroom shelving for the shower is often clumsy, and it's super annoying when bottles of shampoo keep falling over and you have to keep picking them up. What's even worse is that it can also be very slippery in the shower, and being clumsy in the shower could lead to unnecessary accidents and a lot of pain.

This efficient and adjustable corner shelving for the bathroom could save us a lot of trouble. It can easily be mounted to the wall sturdily in any corner of the bathroom. It fits well in the shower room or the bathtub area. 

Shampoo bottles can easily be stuck into place on this shelf, preventing them from falling over. The shelving also comes with test-tube like bottles that can be filled in with soaps or bath oils, giving it the sophistication of a five star hotel bathroom.

Both efficiency and style come together in this corner bathroom shelving is available from Nicol-Moebel

Space efficient bathroom shelving for the shower

Finding space for a shelf in the shower room can be difficult if it's a tiny one. Corner bathroom shelves take up precious space in this case. So here is another type of more appropriate bathroom shelving for smaller spaces which can be fixed to hang in the shower room instead. 

Making space in the bathroom is just about getting the right angle and storage idea. 

Efficient bathroom shelving

Efficient bathroom shelving should hold all the potions and lotions in place sturdily, while also being easily reachable and accessible. This creative bathroom shelving design uses rubber and its elasticity to hold things in place so that it won't keep falling. 

The sleek, modern design of this bathroom shelf could fit in the sink area as well as the shower room or bathtub area.

Artistic bathroom shelf for the sink area

Since the bathroom is associated with water, this under the sea themed shelf shaped like a whale would fit in well. The small compartments are ideal to store cosmetics and other products that belong in the sink area. It could also be used as a decorative shelf in the bathroom to showcase some ornaments. 

Browse through these bathroom designs for more ideas and inspiration. 

Did you find these bathroom shelving ideas helpful? Let us know in your comments below. 

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