9 Small Bedrooms to Copy

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
homify Minimalist bedroom
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People have a misconception that a small bedroom space ends up in clutter. So, whether it’s the master bedroom, kid’s room, or a guest room, there is nothing to be disappointed about as even small rooms can be decorated with the trendiest styles. Home architects proved it, again and again, showcasing some the most outstanding example. Here we have a few of it:

Modern Interiors

Bedroom Interiors - Small spaces Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
Preetham  Interior Designer

Bedroom Interiors—Small spaces

Preetham Interior Designer

If sand and the sun make you feel better, this bedroom is just for you. The entire room has warm and yellow hues, giving you the sense of a beach day. The glass windows on the side of the bed can give you the outdoor views and the gray textured study tables go well with the warmth of the wall.

Classic Style

A simple and subtle bedroom connecting the interior with outdoors. Complementing the off-white walls and the ceiling lies the wooden textured cupboards and side table. Even the bed has smaller closets attached to it.  The glass windows give a nice view of the outer space.

​Contemporary setting

Small bedroom staged with hired furniture and accessories. Heatons Home Styling BedroomAccessories & decoration
Heatons Home Styling

Small bedroom staged with hired furniture and accessories.

Heatons Home Styling

The most classic way to enhance a small bedroom is by opting for an all off-white interior. Get like the one given here, from wall to the ceiling. To contrast the interior, opt for a gray colored bed and some matching shelves. The walls have a closet on the side and a few wall arts, giving a contemporary style to the room.

Decorated by Books

If you are someone who always wished to give a classic touch to your house with books, then this is the best chance. The room envelopes a bed, two bedside tables, and a shelf completely occupied with books. Place a poster of your choice on the wall above and complete the entire look of the house.

​Cozy in Blue

Contemporary Interior Design Premdas Krishna Modern style bedroom
Premdas Krishna

Contemporary Interior Design

Premdas Krishna

Soaked in the hues of blue, the room clearly defines that it's not necessary to have a huge space for trendy decorations. There stands a small bed covered with blue linen and on the side of it is a small rack completing the entire arrangement. Ahead of the bed is a small contemporary chair and table, letting you sip your morning cup of coffee in peace.

Wall stories

The best thing to do with a small space is create illusion of it being a bigger space. A perfect example of such an illusionary room is this interior decor. The textures on the closet and the art on the wall are done in a way to represent some extra space. Even the floor matches the wall textures and that is why the white bed goes dramatically with it.

Cubicle Settlement

For a compact cubicle like bedroom, this is the most inspiring arrangement. The bed itself occupies most of the space in the room and to compensate this situation, there stands two side tables alongside the bed and four shelves on the wall. The entire interior is constructed of a light wooden panel, with LED lights illuminating the room from each corner.

Hanging Beds

The bedroom hangs in there above a white cupboard. Even the front wall of the room has closets with small shelves, making it ideal for storing your books and other small home accessories. The windows are covered with transparent sheets imparting soft light to the room.

Bold arrangement

Daughter's bedroom homify Eclectic style bedroom

Daughter's bedroom


Colors can brighten up even the smallest space and they certainly goes with this modern design. The shocking pink textures on the wall complement the white bedroom in the most ravishing manner. Matching the pink patchwork stands the magenta table on the side of the wall with a flower vase and table clock on it.

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