5 Compact Wardrobe ideas

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Who doesn't want a huge walk in closet? But most people don't have the space and budget to make one in their home. However, lack of space has never stopped anyone from buying a ton of stuff. And if we buy we need to store. Thus rises the issue of compact storage in tiny homes. It may sound difficult but with a little bit of innovation a compact wardrobe is in every one's reach and can be carved out in any home.

Open Wardrobe

If space and money are a huge crunch then this compact white open wardrobe is the best way to go. This cupboard has a metal frame with multiple shelves on either sides and two broad areas in the centre to hang clothes. Cheap, durable and easy to maintain, this wardrobe neither takes too much space nor money. However, since it's open, the clothes will be exposed to dust and thus it's not suited for people living in a dusty area.

Bed Wardrobe

For those living in a very tiny room the choice often falls between a comfy bed or a spacious wardrobe. This compact wardrobe with a bed in it, designed by IR ARQUITECTURA allows one to have both. Made of wood this wardrobe has a white laminate finish on the outside and a wooden veneer finish on the inside. One third of the wardrobe is all the way up to the ceiling with a double door below and a storage area above. While two thirds of it just has storage area below with a bed on top. There's even a bookshelf on top of the bed. Even the drawers at the bottom of this multipurpose wardrobe double up as steps to get to the bed.

Colourful closet

Anyone boxed in a bedroom which has barely enough space to fit a bed, knows adding a big cupboard and dressing table on one side makes it even look more small and claustrophobic. This colourful closet placed diagonally in a corner is perfect for such a room, as it optimizes space as well is equipped with a mirror to dress up. The bright colours and a drawer below, make this wardrobe a compact yet fun addition to a bedroom.

Wardrobe wall

Those living in a studio apartment can turn their wardrobe into a wall and use it to separate the living and the bedroom area. A wardrobe like this when placed strategically will divide the room into two separate areas as well as create a compact storage area. A slanting wooden beam has been used here to create a slanting wardrobe, but even a straight ceiling beam can be used to create a similar wardrobe. The sea green colour of this wardrobe is striking yet not jarring and the back of it can be used as a statement wall.

Here's another sea green compact cupboard idea.

Attic cupboard

Often the attic of a house turns into a dump or is the tiny room of a bachelor pad. This compact attic cupboard turns the walls of the attic into a neat storage area. For those struggling with space this is the closest they can come to having a walk in cupboard.While this wooden wardrobe may not be a traditional square one, it utilizes space beautifully, with multiple shelves, drawers and hanging areas for everything from clothes to shoes. Painting it white makes the wardrobe and the room look more spacious.

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