5 Stylish modern bathroom mirrors

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most stylish of them all? That's the question that plagues anyone who looks at some of the wide variety of unusual bathroom mirrors that are available these days. Gone are the days when a bathroom mirror was a boring square mirror with a wooden frame, modern bathroom mirrors can be anything from a multipurpose beauty to a statement piece. Big or small, minimal or glam, a stylish and modern bathroom mirror can enhance the look of the entire bathroom.

Neatly curved

Redston Road, N8 XUL Architecture Eclectic style bathroom
XUL Architecture

Redston Road, N8

XUL Architecture

This curved rectangular mirror with silver glass and a glossy glass border is both neat and stylish. Placed horizontally this mirror is long enough to cover the length of two mini round sinks and is a great choice for a bathroom for two. Simple yet sophisticated, this neatly curved mirror is neither too manly nor too feminine. It will fit in perfectly in any white bathroom for a single person or a couple.

Clustered hive

This bathroom mirror is a perfect example of a statement piece which will lend any drab bathroom a very sophisticated and modern touch. This highly stylized mirror made of curved metal and silver glass, looks like a clustered hive of glass pebbles strewn together. Functionality wise it may not be the best choice as one will see a split reflection, but for those looking to grab eyeballs this unique mirror designed by ART5 is the perfect pick.

Concave trio

This trio of concave mirrors proves that sometimes a little more is exactly what one needs. Made purely of glass, these three square concave mirrors are stylish, modern and unusual. The intricate patterns on the surface of the mirror reduces its functional value, but they can beautify any mundane bathroom. A glass chandelier will help the patterns on the mirror to shine even better and add a glamorous touch to the bathroom. This ultra-glam bathroom is ideal for those who like a little bit more of bling.

Minimal Circle

A modern and minimal bathroom calls for a modern and minimal mirror. And the minimal circle of this mirror is the perfect design for such a bathroom. The silver steel border and stand, with mirror on both sides give this mirror the added edge of being rotatable. Useful, stylish and reversible, this mirror is no shallow beauty but a practical addition to a sparse modern bathroom.

Backlit beauty

This otherwise simple and regular looking circular mirror has been given a completely new makeover by backlighting it with white light. The bright aura of white light behind the mirror gives it a sun like feel, albeit a white one. This backlit beauty is a classic example of modern style and innovative thinking. Functional and beautiful, this stylish mirror is light on the pocket and heavy on attention.

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